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What's the secret sauce behind employee motivation? HBR thinks they're onto it...

From our corner of the universe to yours, here's what's on our Slack channels this past week...

  • WHERE WE WERE: Our friends in NYC hosted the second annual Responsive Conference with industry thought leaders convening to discuss the Future of Work. Amongst our favorite workshops were a discussion on Pepsi Co's transformative culture, and how Airbnb is changing what it means to "go to work". You'll want to be in this room next year. 
  • TO LISTEN: Ray Dalio offers some keys and insight into the principles he used to become "The Steve Jobs of Investing". These principles can be broadly applied in one's personal lives and across industries. Plus, it's Tim Ferriss. Don't miss this. 

As always, Make sure you tweet us @DHMovement and @nomorekarlita and let us know what *YOU* think. Anything inspire you? Outrage you? Let us know! 


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