Hiring Employees: What to Expect in 2021

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The recruiting market is rapidly restructuring, using new strategies and paradigms, adopting the most unexpected techniques and solutions. It is increasingly difficult for companies to find qualified employees just by posting a job. The market is completely changing the traditional attitude towards hiring.


In the new reality, it is the employee who chooses the employer. 2020 has given the HR sphere a challenging test of flexibility and ability to adapt to new conditions quickly. And it is high time to upgrade the recruiting strategies to stay one step ahead as we move into 2021.


Social Network Recruiting


The use of social networks for recruiting is one of the most popular HR strategies. Social networks are developing rapidly and reaching huge target groups of users, making it easier to find worthy candidates for certain positions. Social recruiting is much more than posting a job on social media. It is definitely a useful mechanism for developing employer branding. It opens up an ideal opportunity for direct communication with potential job seekers and active user pages analysis.


In addition to social networks, it is quite effective to recruit personnel through blogs and microblogs. The Diamond Wish experts consider all users of social networks to be passive candidates and potential employees. They believe social recruitment is a proactive hiring approach. Therefore, each HR specialist should have experience working with passive candidates.


Hybrid Hiring


Recruiters also need to learn to apply different hiring techniques. It is more reasonable to look for remote freelancers for short-time projects and tasks. Accordingly, both interviews and training go online. You need to be prepared to open such positions with the company. It is worth adapting your recruiting processes and assessment methods. Basically, you need the right hard skills, a proven portfolio of the candidate's work, and recommendations from past projects. This approach differs significantly from the standard recruiting procedure.


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Digital Transformation & AI Solutions


Using the latest technology innovations and artificial intelligence in recruiting will reduce the traditional hiring process's mistakes and cognitive biases. It will also make the right decisions quickly with a holistic approach to assessing applicants.

It is time to introduce analytics to improve your job posting experience. It will help you clearly understand what HR approach works the best and how many applicants it brings. Systems based on artificial intelligence and machine learning track the performance, reach, and ranking of candidates. Experts of DiamondStuds.com say, "Evaluating your digital maturity is the first step to your digital transformation."


Focus on Mobile Audience


The impact of smartphones on the labor market is increasing. More and more people are looking for work through apps. The active transition to mobile applications began relatively recently. Still, now more than 80% of people spend more time on a smartphone than on desktop devices, and by 2025 72.6% of people will have access to the Internet only through a smartphone [data from the World Advertising Research Center]. If an employer doesn't care about the mobile job posting, he risks missing out on talent. Adaptation to modern technologies is an integral part of the recruiting process.


Strengthening Employer Branding


To avoid staff shortages and the rapid turnover of professionals, the company needs professional HR-branding. A core of the HR brand is the employment value proposition [EVP], a key benefit that meets job seekers' needs. And diversity and inclusion are becoming essential EVP elements.

  • Diversity includes different races, ethnic groups, gender diversity, age, religious views, sexual orientation and people with disabilities
  • Inclusion is an environment of collaboration, support, and respect that increases all employees' participation and contribution.

Together, the two terms mean the desire and readiness of a company to support diverse jobs and leverage the effects of diversity to achieve a competitive advantage in business.


Interestingly, Deloitte's research shows that generations understand diversity differently. Millennials believe that workplace diversity is a mix of backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives, and they are sure that employing these differences drives innovation. On the other hand, generations X and Y view diversity in the workplace as an appropriate state of affairs, not always considering its relationship to business outcomes. 


Well developed diversity and inclusion practices considerably contribute to overall company growth. During recent years, many analytical companies like MSCI conducted numerous researches. They found a positive relationship between gender, racial, and cultural diversity and the effectiveness of teams and companies, business results. Roughly speaking, corporate cultures with a high degree of inclusiveness show more significant innovation. Which, in turn, affects the financial impact and confidence in the future.


Key Takeaways


It is challenging to move forward using new methods. Companies that do not develop their HR processes simply stand still and almost always take a step back. Experts believe that in the future, a recruitment function will be mainly performed by internal teams. Yet, the company will also have external recruiters who will be able to find candidates with specific skills. The company of the future will be required to have a D&I [Diversity and Inclusion] specialist in its staff. It will also be necessary to monitor and implement the newest digital technologies.


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