How a DH Masterclass Aligned Leadership for Sustainable Culture Change

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 Maybe as part of a new year initiative or your company’s five-year plan, company culture has made its way onto your regular meeting agenda. The idea is that by developing a desired organizational culture, employees will become more productive, experience less burnout, and stick around longer, thereby resulting in higher company profits.


Gallup survey found that “the behaviors of highly engaged business units result in 21% greater profitability" as compared to their lowly engaged counterparts.


How can your organization capture these earnings with the current culture you have? Without accountability and structure from all levels, it would be difficult to leverage your culture and move towards a sustainable workplace culture.


So where does this sustainable culture change begin?


It begins with leadership and accountability.


From the top, your organization's leaders should be models for change and behave by your company's core values. From leader to an entry-level employee, these core values must have the authority to motivate and inspire your workforce to live them every day.


To maintain their weight, for instance, those values can be weaved into feedback structures and performance evaluations. In our work with Canpa, we collaborated with leadership to find ways to enforce positive culture behaviors among employees over time. Since our Masterclass, Canpa has earned first place in Turkey's Great Place to Work assessment and has reduced their turnover rate to single digits.


 Canpa Great Place to Work Turkey 2018

"To maintain the integrity of the organization’s culture, the ability to live the values of the organization and behave in accordance with those values needs to become an integral part of the performance evaluation process."


– Murat Ozcan, Vice President of CANPA



Why do core values lay the foundation for your culture?


Your core values might be neatly listed somewhere in an employee handbook, or they may be etched onto an office wall. How often though, do you, your team, fellow leadership, and peers actively live them


From the seeds of company core values, the desired behaviors that sprout from them make up the life of your company culture. If there are few processes and frameworks created to support these actions, a different and less desired culture will form.


When leadership teams fail to cultivate and define culture proactively, the organization feeds off of negative practices and competing values such as egotism, selfishness, and disengagement. How can you leverage a culture that isn’t aligned with the business’ goals or values?


A Masterclass is meant to align leadership on culture.


At DH, we host a masterclass format for companies that wish to align their leadership with the foundations of company values and to develop the framework for essential shared behaviors. From hiring and firing based on company values to creating more autonomy and purpose in the work of your employees, our tested methods can guide you in the pursuit of a profitable and robust culture.


When driving change, it’s a priority to make sure that leadership [c-level executives, human resources directors, and senior leaders] have agreement on and understand how to support a positive culture.


For Canpa, our masterclass produced results for long-term business success based on the Science of Happiness [despite some initial reluctance]:


We were judged so much especially by our board about this ‘happiness stuff.’ But in 31 years of business, we’ve now had our record sales year in the history of our company…so happiness works!"

- Murat Ozcan, Vice President of Canpa


Happiness as a business model works, and our DH Coachsultants can guide your leadership through a learning experience around the science of happiness.

Over the course of 2-3 days in a DH Masterclass, our team and yours will:

  • dive into your core values,
  • share the DH methodology and frameworks with your team, 
  • and create actionable strategies for a sustainable culture change.
Our masterclass is designed to help your team realize better ROI from employee engagement, a happier workplace culture, and improved customer or client experiences.


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a happier company culture: 




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