How is Your Culture? Top 4 Challenges & How to Solve Them

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We have all been on a harrowing journey over the past year and a half. A global crisis has exacerbated the pressures and challenges that were lurking in our workplaces. We can no longer push them aside, ignore them or attempt to band-aid the problems facing our cultures. As organizations begin to move forward, adapting to overcome challenges, you may be thinking you don't have time to address your workplace culture. But you can start transforming your culture in just a few short hours. 


Let DH help solve a few of these challenges that have appeared over the last year. Here are the top 4 challenges we witness daily with our clients, and how you can solve them. 


Do any of these statements ring true for your workplace?


#1 Employee morale is down, burnout is on the rise, & productivity is decreasing.




What is it: Our signature Masterclass allows you to quickly overcome many of the challenges facing your team through our proven best practices for your people and customers.


Why you need it: When employees are checked out, the whole organization suffers, it usually appears first as a decrease in productivity, and soon after, your customers and revenue can take a big hit. 


Notable outcome: Gain everything you need to build a strong growth foundation. Your employees will be personally connected to and empowered by a shared purpose and values resulting in a stronger, more committed team ready to move forward successfully.


Price & Timing: $299* per person [for 2 modules] OR $599* per person [for all 5 modules]. 3 hours per module, available virtually or in person.

* A minimum of 12 people, maximum of 30 people per module.


#2 We've had a challenging time adapting over the past year & feel confused about the future direction of work.




What it is: Workshop modules to tackle FUD [fear, uncertainty, doubt], enabling your team to adapt quicker and experience higher levels of growth into the future of work. 


Why you need it: As teams moved quickly to pivot in 2020, a few missteps may have occurred, resulting in team inefficiencies, loss of connection, and remote work tensions. If left unchecked, these missteps will cost you missed sales and loss of employee talent.


Notable results: Build resilience, improve the effectiveness of remote work, form connections, experience progress, and increase workplace wellbeing


Price & Timing: $199* per person [each module] OR $599* per person [for all 3 modules]. 2-4 hours per module, available virtually or in person.

* A minimum of 12 people, maximum of 30 people per module.


#3 We're struggling to increase revenue & find our old approach to attract & retain customers falling flat. 




What it is: Amplify your customer experience by embedding WOW for a memorable, positive encounter that will create lasting brand loyalty and turn your customers into brand promoters.


Why you need it: The customer experience has changed, and the buyer is in the driver's seat. To stand out, you need to implement WOW every step of the way.


Notable results: Increase sales, retain loyal customers, create brand ambassadors/gain more referrals.


Price: $199* per person. 2-4 hours per module, available virtually or in person. 

* A minimum of 12 people, maximum of 30 people per module session.


#4 Strategic alignment across the team is missing & communication is lacking




What it is: Executive workshop to plan, align, and clarify your top company objectives while keeping your people at the core for successfully carrying forward these initiatives.


Why you need it: Competing priorities, miscommunication, and misalignment of the company's future direction will result in leadership breakdown, missed goals, poor culture experience, and frustrated employees.


Notable results: Gain alignment, anchor your overall company objectives within your people systems, walk away with clarity and strategic direction.


Price: $899* per person. 3-4 hours per module, available virtually or in person. 

* A minimum of 6 people, maximum of 12 people per module session.


Interested in scheduling one of these workshops for your team? Tell us which one sparked your interest, how many employees, & when you'd like to get started. We'll reply with all the details.

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