How NeV Australia Created Their North Star

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(Image from NeV Australia's welcome packet)

NeV (New Evolution Ventures) Australia, owners of Crunch Fitness, Hard Candy Fitness (Madonna's Gym), and UFC GYM Sydney, recently brought in the DH Team to unite their culture and strengthen their hiring and onboarding processes. And WOW did they do an amazing job!

Some of NeV's best practices around hiring and onboarding:

  1. Give applicants a feel for your company and values. NeV provides a complimentary pass to its gyms for applicants to enjoy which provides an experience of NeV's vision, to 'Perspire to Greatness' and also builds community regardless of whether they interview.
  2. Be intentional with interview questions by asking about both skill set and values. At NeV, questions are specific to the position but they also ensure the values are subliminally (if not directly) communicated in all interviews.
  3. Have monthly "Induction Mornings" for new staff. For NeV, that includes a workout, video introduction of NeV's history and vision, and a group discussion on how every employee plays a part in creating the vision.

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