How This One, Common Factor Can Make You a WOW Leader

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We work with leaders from organizations of all sizes and different industries, and they all have one thing in common. Can you guess it? They ALL want to be better leaders; the question they have for us is, “how?”


How can they lead change in a way that gets people on board, feeling motivated, and personally tied to the success of the organization [and its place in the world]? We’ve seen what works and what doesn’t, discover how you can implement this common success factor into your leadership style:


Not just Empathy, a Newer Way to Look at EQ


The term “emotional intelligence [EQ]” is often thrown around as if people already know what it entails. It’s true that it has something to do with empathy, but we want to offer a different way to understand it and apply it.


Let’s look at two versions of a conversation between hypothetical YOU and a team member who is feeling tired today. While reading, consider these questions:

  • Which conversation feels more natural to your workplace culture?
  • How would you describe how the ‘TEAM MEMBER’ feels during and after these conversations?
  • Which “YOU” is more like your self?

Conversation A...

YOU: How are things going?

TEAM MEMBER: Things are fine. I’ve just been really tired lately.

YOU: Ah me too, I’m actually heading to get some coffee. I can grab you a cup.

TEAM MEMBER: Oh no it’s fine, I’m on my second already. Thanks though.


Conversation B...

YOU: How are things going?

TEAM MEMBER: Things are fine. I’ve just been really tired lately.

YOU: Why is that?

TEAM MEMBER: Just have some family health problems going on.

YOU: I’m sorry. That would keep me up too, it’s okay to feel tired. Here, let’s go for a quick walk. I’m on my way to get another cup of coffee.

TEAM MEMBER: Oh no it’s okay I’ve got to work on this project.

YOU: I’ll have you back in less than 10 minutes.



When we ask ANYBODY to describe the attributes of a leader they admire, a hundred percent of the time, most of the qualities listed fall under the EQ category. Not under IQ, not under technical skills, and not under ‘looks’ either.



Your Reach as a WOW Leader


WOW leadership isn’t about how skilled or amazing you are at a particular skill or trade. It’s about how you can interact with others in a way that guides positivity, innovation, motivation, and the best efforts out from your teams. As a leader, you are the guide on your employee’s journey with your organization. Yes, this journey determines the path of their careers, but it also affects significant life outcomes and decisions: how they build their families, how they participate in the community, their mental health, how they pursue their passions, etc.


Delivering Happiness Me, We, Community


Your reach as a leader [the ME level] goes beyond the workplace [the WE and COMMUNITY levels]. It’s impossible to deny, and those who try to deny it also ignore the human responsibility we have to one another’s wellbeing. 


How You Can Work on Your EQ

Emotional intelligence doesn’t have to be this elusive thing that only some people are born with. The fantastic thing about EQ is that it can be learned and practiced. Here are some ideas that can help you improve your EQ as a leader:

  • Be present and listen - get off our phone during your conversations with your team and start listening to what they have to say and observe how they say it. Ask them follow-up questions and take note of their energy, see how it changes during the conversation.
  • Ask for the WHY behind a passion you overlooked - your team members have probably mentioned some fun, quirky things that they enjoy. Instead of just knowing WHAT those things are, ask WHY. You might be able to better connect with them on a meaningful level.
  • Don’t always point out what’s ‘wrong,’ point out improvements - there are going to be times when a report has wrong information, sure. When projects and solutions are somewhat open-ended, suggest ways to optimize things that your teams can improve upon. This communication tweak allows everyone to collaborate with a positive, more elevated outlook.


Discover how EQ can be embedded into your organization for a happier, more profitable company culture: 






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