How to Bridge Human Resources and Happiness Together

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If you asked your colleagues what Human Resources had to do with happiness, most of them might be stumped. We know that HR can aid in helping us figure out benefits, salaries, and policies, but could it extend as far as aiding in people’s happiness? Find out where we’re heading to bridge these two areas together to create real change for happier and more profitable workplace cultures:

A step towards change - in Las Vegas!

One of the hardest things about being in HR is trying to implement human change on an organizational level. For example, whenever a memo is sent out about a change in the office, how long does it take for people to get used to the new policies? If you’re going to be in Vegas or already attending SHRM 2019, you can hear from Jenn on real-life case studies on successful culture change and transformations around the world.

Culture and happiness don’t have to be vanilla-of-the-month initiatives. At SHRM 2019, you can learn how long-term change can be sustained using happiness as a business model. Not only that, your employees can become more engaged and actively participate in the other programs your HR team is implementing [i.e. workplace wellness, community volunteering, etc.] Jenn will be telling the story of our culture journey with Zappos and how our happiness model has changed organizations around the world [and can do the same for yours too]!


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What we’re excited for - SHRM 2019

  • Meeting HR/People professionals who are excited about creating change for happier, better workplaces
  • Showing off Jenn’s refreshed and new keynote to the audience
  • Saying hi to fans at the Delivering Happiness book signing
  • Hearing other speakers like Brene Brown, Martha Stewart, and our friend Blake Mycoskie, founder of TOMS
  • Oh we can’t forget - listening to Lionel Richie [in VEGAS of all places]

No better place than Vegas

The beginnings of our culture journey started in Las Vegas, so why not head back there with us? There’s no better place for our CEO Jenn Lim to visit and speak about company culture and employee happiness - so join us if you can! Here are the details for her keynote:


Date: June 23rd, 2019

Place: Westgate Hotel

Time: 1pm - 2pm, book signing following immediately after

The details are still being updated, but you can register for the event and receive notifications too!


Want to learn directly from our coach|sultants on how to implement successful culture change? Join us for our June webinar:



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