How To Create a Culture by Design VS. Culture by Default

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Read a bit of #cultureinspiration from DH Coachsultant, Sunny Grosso on how to deliver happiness at your live event or in your organization. Her advice? Build Culture by Design vs. a Culture by Default.

"Q. What is a Culture by Default?

A “Culture by Default” develops on its own when you’re not looking at or thinking about behaviors or attitudes that are becoming the norm. Missing the opportunity to create a place people want to work. Most companies have a culture by default.

A lot of what we do with these organizations is bring it back to the basics and look at the defining elements of their culture… then we look at the ideal culture for their business. Business and culture work hand in hand.

Q. How does one create a Culture by Design?

When you redefine your culture, it’s not cookie cutter; it’s not one size fits all. It really should be unique to your own organization's DNA and be representative of the people that are most successful there.

Some people will self-select out and that may seem unfortunate, but it’s a sign you’re defining it well. People quickly realize that they are no longer a fit and decide to move on, which is a good thing; if they stayed, it would have a negative impact on the organization and drive everyone else down. People who stay and new people who join have clarity, they understand why they belong there and what they're working towards, this unites and drives the entire organization forward."

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