How to Spark Your Culture Vision

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A strong vision is essential for any team's success. Culture is no different.

Spark the culture visioning process with a few simple questions. Ask them at your next team meeting or post them in the break room to kick off a collaborative culture vision with buy-in and energy behind it.

  1. What are three words to describe your current culture? (Ex. chaotic, stressful, uncertain)
  2. What are three words to describe your ideal culture? (Ex. aligned, accountable, communicative)
  3. What is one small action to close the gap?

A few examples of action steps: Sprinkles Cupcakes’ teams do low/high checkins every shift to increase support, Techstars does Happies/Crappies once a week to build relationships, and Evernote does a spin on office hours where the Executive Team team works the Espresso Bar.

What is your one small action with greatest impact? Share it @DHmovement and tag #culturetips.


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