Improving Customer Experience in the New Normal

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Companies face a new landscape of customer behavior as they transition from brick-and-mortar to virtual. Thanks to the new normal, the customer experience must be optimized online. None of the usual cheerful greetings to welcome them in the store. No handshakes and friendly nods to thank them before they leave. So, how should business owners cope?


Customer satisfaction is crucial because it could affect a company’s long-term growth. If consumers are not satisfied with your product or service or find another company that could provide a better experience, they will not stick around. In this new normal, customers have higher expectations of what they want to receive but lower tolerance for when their expectations are not met.


Keeping Customers is Harder Than Gaining New Ones


As you transition your business into the digital realm, keeping and protecting your current clientele is crucial. Although there is a lot of fish in the ocean, keeping the customers you have now is five to 25 times less expensive than acquiring new ones. 


If you gained the loyalty of your customers through face-to-face interactions, you have to double the effort in maintaining their patronage since you would not see them in person. But since they already know who you are and what you have to offer, you do not have to invest in catching their attention and strategizing to encourage them to try out your product or service.


Everything is in a Virtual Setting


Maintaining eye contact and flashing a big smile is helpful in endearing customers to try out your product or service. But in a virtual setting, it can be challenging to gauge how your audience will react since you would not see who they are. If you focus your effort and energy on creating product demos in an online video editor and share them on your website, social media accounts, and other digital platforms, you would be able to measure customer interest through likes, shares, and comments.


Establish an Online Presence


When you are committed to improving the customer experience online, you open doors for building a positive online presence. If customers are happy with your product or service, they are more likely to share that experience on their social media feeds or through online conversations with family and friends. Customer reviews and ratings will significantly influence your success and credibility.


A Website Can Make or Break Sales


When your website is easy to access and enjoyable to navigate, customers are more likely to check your products and services and, eventually, purchase them. But it only takes 0.05 seconds to make or break that experience. As they say, “First impressions last.” And it is quite accurate in the virtual world.


You have to keep in mind that a website is as important as your product or service. The first time a customer visits, they will decide whether to continue browsing or not in just as little as 50 milliseconds, so your website better be beautiful and engaging.


If you have a lot to offer, make navigation simple and easy. Got an add-to-cart and checkout option? Make it easy to accomplish. Forcing customers to fill out a long and complicated form or adding hidden costs will only make customers want to cancel, just when you are about to get a sale.


WOW Customer Experience


You may think that your business is strong now and believe it will stay that way in the new normal. That is possible, but customer behavior is different online. Improve your customer experience by creating WOW moments that will keep your customers coming back again and again. 


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