In Case You Missed It- Our Culture First Webinar with Jenn & Sunny

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Prioritizing culture webinar with CEO Jenn Lim and Culture Chief Sunny Grosso

Earlier this month, our CEO Jenn Lim and Culture Chief Sunny Grosso joined host Anna Roberts for a 60-minute webinar on how making culture a priority can significantly help your business.


We had people join in from all over the world (and varying temperatures)! From sunny Boca Raton, Florida to Nova Scotia, all the way to Brazil. Jenn and Sunny answered questions from CEOs, HR and hiring managers, and other curious professionals.


Did you know?

    • 85% of employees globally are disengaged at work
    • Businesses lose $1 million a year due to unproductive employees 
    • Companies need to spend 150-300% of that employees salary to replace a bad fit hire 

Staggering statistics! There are great takeaways and a ton of value in this webinar because we discuss the benefits of prioritizing culture, and the consequences you'll notice when you aren't focusing on your people. We also share real stories from organizations, both big and small.


The focus of the webinar was to answer 3 main questions:


  1. How do I recognize if my company is experiencing the signs of an unproductive culture? 
  2. What questions do I ask to identify my first priorities on the path to culture change?
  3. What do I stand to gain from making a commitment to culture and getting alignment from my team?


Culture First webinar - Delivering Happiness


We also had a Q&A session towards the end. Here are some of the questions participants asked:


When interviewing a potential candidate for our organization, I believe we have to hire those who align with our culture. How do you suggest we capture that in that short time in an interview?


When working with leaders who are not onboard with the happiness conversation, what are some creative ways you work around this?


Plus, we revealed some exciting news. We introduced our very first online course: DH Masterclass Essentials. It's similar to taking one of our Masterclasses but its available to you online. Now you can commit to culture from the comfort of your home or office, and empower your team to do so also. Register here


DH Masterclass Essentials - online course helping professionals prioritize culture


Get a preview of the eCourse in our webinar, as well as free tools and resources to help you determine the health of your company as it stands today.


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