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How can you create adaptable cultures for more profitable businesses? That’s a good question! To give you some answers, we went ahead and hosted one of our first webinars with our CEO and co-founder Jenn Lim. For this round, we wanted to connect with CEOs and executive leadership who wanted to learn more about Jenn's perspective and expertise on culture transformation.

Here’s the link to listen to the full recording or you can keep reading below for the highlights:
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To kick it off, we started by asking, “what’s ONE, WEIRD thing that makes you happy?

Some of our favorite responses:

  • A closet perfectly organized by color
  • Choreographed numbers in non-musical movies
  • Puppy dog pouts
Then sourced directly from our attendees, here are the top three pain points we discussed:
  1. Putting culture into practice
  2. Scaling culture
  3. Employee engagement

Which one of these is a pain point for your organization?


Highlights from the “How to Create Adaptable Culture for More Profitable Businesses” Webinar:


1. From how to put culture into practice…


Everyone has a mission statement and values, but how you can embed them into your organization so they are genuinely lived every day?

  • When values are defined, you can create and reward behaviors that support them. Jenn used our client WISS as an example of how through a workshop they could develop values-to-behaviors [V2B] in their organization.
  • Another example? We discussed how Northwell Health, a 60,000 employee health care system put their culture of C.A.R.E into practice and to grow employee engagement and improve the patient experience [case study here].
  • Which of your values can you align with a specific behavior at work?

delivering happiness employee core values


2. On scaling culture…


When businesses start expanding and growing, it’s hard to create a culture blueprint that adapts for a larger workforce.
  • It’s estimated that when your company reaches 75 employees in any area, that’s when scaling culture should come into consideration. You might start by not recognizing newcomers or being able to connect in the way that you used to.
  • Your culture ambassadors are the ones who seem like natural leaders in culture at your company. Equip them with the tools they need to keep your it alive in other places/teams/departments.
  • Subcultures can make leadership wary of differences that arise, but as long as they align with the purpose and values of the organization as a whole, they should be embraced.


3. From discussing employee engagement...


The term 'employee engagement' is sometimes described as a number or data point, which can be limiting in the way people think about it.
  • To us at DH, engagement involves data, the employee lifecycle, and how it extends from the individual level [ME] to the team level [WE] and outward into the community.
  • Jenn tells the story of Canpa, of how the VP’s implementation of the DH model turned the business around to create a zero turnover, record sales culture that gives back to the community still today. Also, they won first place in Great Place to Work Turkey! 


4. The PEC Walk Exercise


As one of our favorite activities, we reviewed the PEC walk so you could start bringing more connectedness to your team today! It and other exercises are used to boost productivity in your workplace and are available for free here.


You can create a culture that both grows your business AND sustains employee happiness over time. Let’s talk about your culture solutions:




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