Just Awarded 'Top Employer', Discover How This Company Prioritizes Employee Happiness

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DMG Dar AlMimar Group Top Employer Middle East 2019

Most companies have a hard time getting top leadership on board to support culture initiatives or to make further investments into their employees. For many of them, their decision-making is based on the short-term and so other priorities move ahead of culture. But what happens when your company’s chairman is pushing for culture development and the rest of the organization tries to get on board?


A culture transformation! See what about Dar AlMimar Group's [DMG] culture led to their most recent award as a top employer in the Middle East: 






See what else is WOW worthy about them: 


We love their iDMG program!


As part of our coach|sulting project with them, our coachsultants Shereen and Javier led the co-creation of their culture program. This program is like an introduction, deep-dive, and a how-to when it comes to living the DMG culture.


Called, “iDMG”, the program is led by culture facilitators at DMG [who were at first trained by DH]. It’s important to note that by empowering DMG employees to be the owners of the culture, the organization is creating a culture that is sustainable over time. As people and workplaces evolve, the culture will evolve with them too [which is just how we like it]!



What makes the program different:


During this program, employees get in touch with DMG’s values, purpose, and the Science of Happiness in a way that speaks to the more vulnerable, human side of them. DMG’s Culture Development Senior Manager MennatAllah [Menna] Saeed is also a facilitator of iDMG. We asked her how it felt to deliver this program every month and she said:


“It’s amazing, it’s very inspiring. One of the things I love to do actually. You get to be with people in a very humanistic context.”


Since our work together with them, they've delivered this program more than 50 times! It's incredible to hear that it still inspires employees as well as the facilitators themselves. 


They give back in a meaningful way.

 DMG Mothers Day Employee 2019


A big focus to elevate their culture this year is to extend it more into the community. For Mother’s Day in Egypt, DMG held a get-together for their employees and their families to participate in fundraising activities for different women’s wellness and welfare programs. Children and their families got to play games and win donations for these community initiatives in a fun, meaningful way.



The company’s headquarters says it all.


As our coach|sulting project was progressing, DMG was redesigning their headquarters [you can catch a glimpse here] and made it a priority to have it reflect their culture of happiness. Some highlights of their building:

  • The Happy Hall - right before you hit one of the most communal places in the building, the cafeteria, you walk through the Happy Hall. This hallway has quotes about happiness and a photo collage of employees.
  • Floors ViewVisible floors - when you work on one or two floors of a corporate office, sometimes you have no idea what the others ones look like [are there even humans on those floors?]. At DMG’s office, you can see the floors below you because of their open-space and transparent quality.

  • The Happiness Hub - this is a favorite area of the employees because it’s a yoga and meditation room. Equipped with yoga mats and soothing ambience, this space is for anyone who needs to practice a little bit of mindfulness during their work day.

How can a culture of happiness positively impact your business strategy? Discover more: 





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