Purpose & Culture-Driven Organizations Will Survive The Future, Here's Why

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Purpose & Culture-Driven Organizations Will Survive The Future, Here's Why


Let's imagine it. The year is 2040. Remote work is called... well, work. "I have to go to the office," isn't said or heard anymore because the office as we know it doesn't exist. Neither do Mondays because automation and technology have freed up time at such an exponential rate that you only need to be productive 2 days a week. You operate from the comfort of your home, which is essentially a control center, fully-equipped with touchscreen monitors, and you send a digital avatar to meetings to collect information on your behalf. Don't worry, a hot cup of coffee still exists.


Your entire team relies on AI to work with each other, while you and other humans around the globe have more time for learning, creativity, your loved ones, and your dog Astro.


Our avatars take care of communicating deliverables so we can focus on bigger tasks like strengthening our programming skills, and moving our way to the top of Maslow's Hierarchy of needs, towards self-actualization.


Today, many of us fear what technological advancements will mean for our work and our purpose. What will it mean for our identity, especially since it's so closely tied to our careers? We tend to be weary of change and unpredictability. The idea of being unprepared, unequipped, and possibly "replaced" in the workforce is daunting.


But the sun will come out tomorrow.


In an epic movie trailer voice...


“Imagine a future where work is no longer the same as purpose, where we can find purpose in what we can and what we are meant to do.”


We are learning that the more we advance and digitize our world, the more human we have to be. It's essential that we strengthen what makes us human at our core, and master what we already know instinctively. No machine can ever rob us of connection, empathy, imagination, storytelling, negotiating, ethics, and creativity, and that is our power.  


We have to be ready to level up, learn, and adapt, but we must bring what is inherent within each of us to the workforce, 10x over.


“Whatever is easy for a computer is hard for humans, and vice versa, and that will remain true for the foreseeable future." 


Purpose-driven organizations will thrive because employees will be more and more drawn to working for companies that prioritize their people, and that also contribute to greater good of a harmonious society. Purpose-driven companies stand for something greater and they prioritize their mission along with their sales and profits. They see it as equally important. 79% of business leaders believe that purpose is central to success, according to PwC.


Culture-focused businesses will flourish because employees will have the flexibility to be more selective with where they spend their time and energy. Recruiters will interview talent, but even more so, talent will interview them. Personal development, growth, freedom and autonomy will be paramount for potential candidates before they even consider working for a company. Companies that see the importance of aligning their goals with their employees' higher-purpose will be at the forefront. 


Business that operate with empathy as a core value will see true success in sales and profits. Empathy requires us to put ourselves in our client's mind and heart, and meet them where they are. The more we understand those we serve [which is how we should look at it], the more our products and services will resonate with them. 


The future is right around the corner. Be open to change and learn to be adaptable, knowing that empathy, connection, and all the traits that make us imperfect, but human, can never be replaced. 



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