How National Business Capital Solidified Culture

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National Business Capital is one of the nation's best-known sources for business financing. This upbeat team had a tight-knit culture that was mostly undefined. They had recently doubled in size and were planning to double again next year. Their challenge was to define the magic behind their strong, positive culture so they could define and stabilize it as they scale.


DH was excited to facilitate a Leadership Alignment session with NBC Leaders and the DH Experience with the entire company. Meaningful outcomes included: solidifying the organic values into a formal draft, operationalizing the science of happiness' three levers of motivation: Progress, Control, and Connectedness, and launching a nine-member Culture Leader Team.


As a follow-up, we interviewed Kim Florio, Director of Operations at NBC, to learn about their experience.


company culture workshop


What Were Your Culture Challenges, & What Did the DH Sessions Address? 


Our culture challenge was keeping the tight-knit, positive culture we have now as we grow even larger as a company over the next few months/years.  We have doubled in size over the past 12 months and are continuing to grow exponentially, so really pinpointing why our culture is as strong as it is and understanding how to keep it that way as we grow was very important to us.


What Were Your 2-3 Key Takeaways from the Workshop? 


Tacking down our values as a company, Confirming what our mission is, and focusing on internal team-building activities to support our culture as we continue to grow.


How has this Experience Impacted You & Your Team?


A positive culture has always been a focus of ours.  We are focusing on fine-tuning our processes now even more since we have completed the DH Experience. We have implemented a 9-member culture leader team to own the role and implement activities/ideas to keep our internal culture alive, and we couldn’t be more excited about it. We have an already engaging environment and staff, so this will be the cherry on top to make our existing culture that much stronger.




What is One Concrete Metric for How Your Culture has Improved?


Since working with DH on scaling our culture, we grew from 65 employees to 75 in less than 2 months and are SO EXCITED ABOUT IT! We also created our own WOW cards to reflect our values and promote recognition of those values being lived day in and day out.


What Do You Use Your Value/WOW Cards for?


We use our Value/ WOW cards in collaboration with a Slot Machine for recognition. When we see an employee living one of the company's “values” on the floor – we will recognize them for it, and the managers and culture leaders can give them the WOW Card that corresponds with the value they are showing, then the employee would come to me, and I give them cash value for their cards *Depending on the instance, they can earn up to $20 in cash to play in the slot machine [the manager/CL giving the WOW card out decides the amount earned] – and play the machine to win cash prizes!


We also implemented a GONG on the Right side of our office for employees to ring every time a deal funds and a new hire was brought on! So FUN things are happening here.


The purpose of both the cards and the gong is to recognize the hard work everyone does day in and day out.


Would You Recommend this Workshop & DH Experience to Others? 


Absolutely. Shereen and Sunny [and the entire DH support crew] were AMAZING to work with – they were responsive, attentive, and really made sure the program was tailored to our company’s needs – Their excitement was inspiring and definitely left a lasting impact on our company.


ROI of Culture


In September of 2022, National Business Capital has won the Top Workplace Award for the fourth consecutive year in a row! The yearly competition, sponsored by Dan’s Papers, puts businesses from all over Long Island against each other to determine who has the most engaging company culture. 


Employees and clients agree that the personalized service and award-winning team set them apart from the competition. NBC has 1,800+ 5-star reviews across TrustPilot. Four consecutive “Top Workplace” wins, consistently gives back to the local community through philanthropy events, and has secured $2 billion in funding through 25,000 transactions for entrepreneurs both locally and across the country.


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DH Services:


[1] Executive Alignment Workshop - designed for Senior Leaders to align on the vision, inspire commitment, and spur the team into action. Takeaways include an understanding of the depth of impact culture has on the experience of work as well as tools to navigate organizational change. Most importantly, Senior Leaders will understand their role in launching a successful journey to happiness, engagement, and fulfillment company-wide.


Together we will:

  • Clarify the Vision for an ideal culture
  • Plan the strategy to de/refine the Core Values and Higher Purpose
  • Define strategies to embrace change
  • Select and support members of the L&D or Culture Team
  • Roll out strategy

[2] DH Experience - An interactive masterclass that leads teams through the first steps to building a values-based culture in a sustainable way that embeds in your organization over time. Takeaways include: an understanding of the depth of impact happiness has on their personal lives, tools to begin building a culture of happiness, implementation strategies, and most importantly, a vision to empower their journey to happiness at work.


Topics include:

  • Happiness Through Science: understand the science of happiness, from its beginnings to how it’s driving business in organizations today
  • The Three Levers of Motivation: learn to increase employee motivation through an understanding of how control, connectedness, and progress impact employee engagement
  • Culture Starts With Values; Values Start With ME: participate in strategic exercises designed to uncover your team members’ personal values and begin to build culture organically
  • Purpose Beyond Profits: define the linkage between individual and company purpose and how both play into creating sustainable success

 Let's talk culture!  Contact us so we can customize a

plan that will work for your team and your unique goals.


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