National Business Capital Credits Strong Culture for Big Win

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American workers are quitting their jobs at alarmingly high rates. The Department of Labor reported that 4.3 million workers quit in August 2021 and another 4.4 in September. Retention has become a top priority for CEOs and executives-how can you keep your people from leaving? 


One of the best ways to attract and retain employees is by investing in your organization's culture. Building a culture that supports, encourages, and empowers your team. But don't just take my word for it. 


A few years ago, DH had the opportunity to work with National Business Capital [NBC], which provides the best finance and business solutions to fuel and grow entrepreneurs' innovations. They asked DH to help define their existing tight-knit culture, shore up core values, and how to apply the science of happiness in their organization. The NBC team was able to cling to their embedded culture as the waves of doubt, uncertainty, and overwhelm crashed down due to the pandemic. While other orgs are trying to figure out how to keep their employees from waking out, the door-National Business Captial has been voted the #1 Place to Work on Long Island for the 4th year in a row! 


I was able to chat with National Business Capital's CEO, Joe Camberato, about this fantastic achievement, how they are bouncing back from the pandemic, and why culture matters. 


What's the Most Significant Change the Org Made Since Working with DH?


Joe: I would say the biggest change we've seen is that it brought the organization's culture to this fantastic level that we are at now. It made us conscious of culture in general, which sometimes can be hard to explain. People tend to overthink it, but culture really is just being a good human, and more than ever, in life and business, genuinely respect people as they are. 


How Has This Impacted Your Team?


Joe: Appreciate people's points of view and values show an immense level of mutual respect within our org. We have a big culture of accountability and a culture of fun. The things that need to be taken seriously we take very seriously. But for the things that don't need to be taken so seriously, we have fun with it. We can be playful and serious. The switch in understanding that these two things can coexist happened after working with DH, and it only continues to unfold.


How Did the Pandemic Impact Your Business?


Joe: The entire world was experiencing this for the first time together, and I feel that the only way to do it was by being very transparent and vulnerable.  A lot of the team felt bad for the decisions I had to make. Some of those decisions were laying people off, and they were asking me how I was because they know how much I love the company.  I just laid you off, and you are asking about me? It was very eye-opening.


We talk about culture, but this made me have a newfound respect for what I do and care more about our people. All of us got ripped out of the office, put in isolation, not knowing what would happen, and waiting to finally come back to the office. It was really exciting when we got the band back together, and we all appreciated each other, the culture, the office, and the environment we created. You don't know what you've got till it's gone. Our people were itching to get back in the office while other companies couldn't get employees to return. We even gave our people the option to work remotely, and no one accepted it. 


Why Does Culture Matter Now? 


Joe: There has never been a better time than now to think about culture. Everyone is rebuilding their business in one way or another, so if you aren't thinking about this now, you're crazy. Now is the time- you are either moving forward, or your not-there is no going back.


You have the opportunity to reinvent, make serious changes, and make things better. I'm so glad we did the work when things were good, but avoiding the work and not doing it when times are bad makes all of the difference in the world. We had such an easier time navigating the return to the office because we had a great culture that saw us through the most difficult time we've experienced. 


When times are good, you want to do all of the extras because when times get bad, it's hard to do. When times are good, invest, go above and beyond, double down, and work harder.


Any Changes Since 2020? 


Joe: We are focusing on a growth culture. Our mission is driving growth for all, so we have to constantly grow internally to help them grow externally. This means growing as a business but also growing as people. We are focusing on building and growing ourselves, our wellness, our learnings, and so on. 


National Business Capital is Named the #1 place to work for the 4th year in a row!


How Will You Continue to Momentum? 


Joe: Always improving, always growing. It doesn't have to be big changes, but if we always make things a little better, adding just a little something more, keeping up, and staying relevant. Change happens through small steps. Little change equals big change. 


Final Thoughts? 


It is amazing what has happened, thanks to DH and our culture. It has impacted people in the org and outside of it. We got through this challenging time wrapping up this year, and we can't be more excited about what's next. The team has never been better, and the culture has never been in a better place. I could not be more excited, more proud, and happy to be surrounded by these great people. It is truly the most rewarding for me to come work here every day. 


Now is the time to invest in workplace culture. Whether you're returning to the office, Working remotely, or both, a culture reboot can set your org up for success for years to come.  I WANT MORE INFORMATION

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