Northwell Health Case Study: A Culture Transformation in Healthcare

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When we think about organizational culture transformation, it can be overwhelming. After all, what does it mean exactly? And where do you start?

To examine a full culture change, let’s take a look at Northwell Health, which implemented its Culture of C.A.R.E [Connectedness, Awareness, Respect, and Empathy] for its 60,000+ employees at 21 different locations.

In the competitive landscape for large health systems, it has always been a challenge to crack the code for delivering remarkable [or WOW] patient experiences. In healthcare, it can be difficult for employees to want to create PECs [personal emotional connections] because of the demands of their work.  More importantly, the quality of customer service corresponds with the nature of that company’s culture. So in 2015, Northwell Health sought to expand its Culture of C.A.R.E to improve its service promises.


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Context and Background 


Northwell Health’s Office of Patient and Customer Experience [OPCE] wanted to roll out its Culture of C.A.R.E to close the gap in patient satisfaction and to steer the organization towards its goal of reaching the 90th percentile in patient experience by 2020.

To organize its implementation, Delivering Happiness worked with the OPCE to assess the climate, build alignment from the top-down, and create custom culture programs [get more details in our healthcare culture case study].


A Glance at the Results 


“Delivering Happiness brought creativity, passion, and inspiration to our collaboration enabling the team to successfully begin our cultural transformation.”

- Agnes Barden, VP Patient & Customer Experience, Northwell Health


Watch Northwell's Chief Experience Officer talk about their culture transformation: 

Watch their culture story here.

In about two years, employee engagement grew from 45% to 85%! See the rest of the results, including the impact on their HCAHPS scores, by downloading our case study.  


Having a sustainable workplace culture is possible, and it can lead to improvements in employee engagement, customer [or patient] experience, and more! Whether you’re in the healthcare industry or not, a values-based culture can prove beneficial to the longevity of the organization and the quality of service of its employees.



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