How One Company is Making More Money by Creating More Good

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The entrepreneur - with that entrepreneurial spirit, they say. A risk taker, moving and hustling, busy and bustling, all to manifest her or his own ideas from mere theory and dreamscapes into the tangible, real world, ultimately actualizing real profit, goals, and the worldwide change.

Personally, I am wildly inspired by entrepreneurs: not so much due to what they create, but because of how they think.

Entrepreneurs tend to be ambitious problem solvers with contagious drive and dedication. They hear hundreds of no’s and believe that the yes has simply yet to come. They do not give up. That is why I find them inspiring. In fact, I think we all have a lot to learn from entrepreneurs, whether we strive to have our own businesses or not. With this in mind, I am now even more inspired about my recent conversation with Jon Carder, CEO of Mogl and an entrepreneur who started his first company at 19, and has been making the world a better place ever since.

When I ask Jon about what inspires him in life and in business, he says, “Knowing that you can solve the world’s problems is inspiration enough.” He also mentions that for him, it comes down to education. “Once I became educated [about the hunger problem in this country] it was like I took the red pill from the Matrix and could not go back.”

That’s the inspiration behind Mogl. Their mission is simple: to end world hunger.

If you knew that by simply going out to dinner with friends you could save someone else from starving, would you do it?  I know I would. And now I can. Once I sign up with Mogl, anytime I visit a participating restaurant and eat, I instantly get 10% of my money back, right on to my credit card. Then, I can choose to donate that money to feeding more people. I can see how many people I am feeding, and also I can see how my friends are doing. Mogl has gamified giving, which inspires me beyond belief because this game solves the very real- and very human- hunger problem.

Working for a company with a philanthropic higher purpose or not isn’t nearly as important as your daily life choices. There are so many ways to give. Show love and support to your co-workers when they are down. Smile at a stranger on the street. Start your own business and incorporate giving into your business model, or simply support companies that are striving to make the world a better place. Whether you are an entrepreneur or not, you can make it your business to support others in need. And the best part?  The sheer joy that you feel knowing that you too are contributing to something beyond yourself that makes our world a better place.

Throughout the holiday season, an often stressful time of year, lets take time to reflect and make smart choices that will set you up for success in 2014. As you’re reflecting on this last year and your accomplishments and contributions, remember that one of the keys to sustained joy is giving back and serving a higher purpose.

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