Organization Sees Instant Boost in Morale After Professional Coaching & Development

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Following the transition back into a routine, employees feel less motivated and more expendable across the board. While businesses scramble to increase morale, they're finding their most helpful tool is professional coaches. So, here's how investing in professional training, including coach|sulting, can help ensure success in the long run.


Lessons from Canpa's Story 


One of the most remarkable success stories is Canpa's - a local distribution company based in Istanbul, Turkey. Canpa's vice president Murat Ozcan explains how his business got a bad reputation for low employee retention rates - declining retention had cost his business hundreds of thousands of dollars. 


After attending one of DH's Masterclasses, Ozcan was encouraged to re-imagine Canpa's core values. With the goal in mind of implementing what we call the "science of happiness," Canpa demonstrated individual-based initiatives and behaviors. These behaviors included integrating diversity and culture into the workspace. Ozcan found that when he invested in his employee's continued education, his business thrived in more ways than one. The spontaneous boost in morale resulted in a 0% turnover rate at Canpa, as his new business model attracted skillful, diverse, and loyal talent.


Employees came up with ideas on how to boost employee performance, and their workspace became overall more relaxed and fulfilling. It should go without saying that this type of work environment will see results achieved regularly, and even when hard times come, they're more than likely to be resolved efficiently. 


Impact of Professional Coaching 


Professional developers and coaches have been auxiliaries in helping workers, and business leaders adjust to ever-changing work environments. A recent study found more entrepreneurs worldwide are investing in professional training, including business coaching and technical courses. Contrary to the conventional higher education route in finance or business, professional and life coaching has been rising in countries like China, Switzerland, and Spain. Business leaders invest in experienced coaches to keep their company and its employees as knowledgeable as possible on the industry's growing trends. 


Even if every worker has a college degree, there's still relevant information to learn that will help the company remain afloat in this dynamic age. Businessowners also found that when their business model reflects the growing diversity of ideas fueling the market, their revenue, morale, and workspace environment all get an instant boost. Also, it's important to mention that all these positive changes do not take very long to take place - in some cases, it's a matter of days or just a couple of weeks before everyone can attest to these positive changes in the work environment. 


Job Satisfaction


Job satisfaction is at the core of why business owners invest in professional coaching. A solid turnover is optimal because it keeps the cost of hiring and training new employees low. So, it's no surprise that influential business leaders will invest in their employee's higher education. This practice ensures employees have adequate information and training to stay competitive in their work. Needless to say, the better education they receive, the better equipped they will be to handle new challenges that may arise as they progress in their career. 


Additionally, this provides the company with a tactical plan that invests in its workers' well-being, which in turn shows that the company aligns its purpose with individual empowerment. According to a study done by Lorman, 86% of millennials would stay at their current gig if their employer offered them professional development and or coaching. With this in mind, entrepreneurs are working to put happiness and worker prosperity at the business center. The result of this refreshing way to run an organization is job fulfillment, employee contentment, and customer retention. 


Does your organization need a morale boost? DH offers a variety of solutions to help your team reach its full potential. 


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