Our CEO Jenn Lim's Advice on How You Can Hook in New Hires

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Jenn Lim How You Can Hook in New Hires


"Even before a person becomes an employee, their experience with your company starts during the recruiting process."

- Jenn Lim, DH CEO and Co-founder


When it comes to integrating your culture into the recruiting process, it's important that each step along the way can display some "show" of your culture. Your company culture shouldn't be exclusively experienced by employees only - it's for anyone who interacts with your company! This includes your potential new hires. Here are a few ways that our CEO Jenn Lim has outlined that can help make your candidates give a big YES to your company's offer: 


1. Highlight employee stories, not just the company's.


Company cultures thrive when individuals are accountable for sustaining it. A culture that acts more like a directive from leadership is one that leads to minimal improvement. So how can you convey to your candidates that culture is a part of every employee's life? Jenn recommends an initiative like the Culture Book. 


The Culture Book was a project that Jenn worked on during her time at Zappos. Jenn says the book was a way to convey authenticity and honesty about the culture to anyone who wished to read it: 

The book was made available to read for all employees and anyone in the world who wanted insight on the culture. It highlighted the individual 'why' behind the employees' reasons for being at Zappos and brought a transparent, honest perspective.

Some of our clients at DH have created their own Culture Books, Century 21 Stores, and Canpa included. Both have shared their books with job candidates and cited the positive influence they had on the final job offers. 


What would your culture book look like? How can you highlight your employees more during your recruiting process?


2. Set up meetings with their future teams in a less formal setting.


We love this suggestion - why? Because your culture should encourage employees to have friendships both at work and outside of it. A famous concept from Delivering Happiness [the book] is the practice of hiring people who you can work with but also want to spend time with after hours or on the weekends. Having this work/life integration creates a sense of community and a more authentic sense of connection. 


Jenn explains just how practical this concept is: 

It's funny how managers get worried about how a new team member will fit in, but forget that true connectedness and friendship don't necessarily spark in a conference room. Have your potential new hires meet their teams at a cool coffee shop, at the swings in a nearby park, or while doing some sort of unusual activity (scavenger hunt, anyone?).

Maybe a scavenger hunt isn't your style, but here are a few more ideas you can use: 
  • Play a question game! Have everyone draw a meaningful question at random and answer it. 
  • Have a snack-luck - ask your candidate to bring in a snack they love from their childhood, and share snack time with them and your team. 
  • Ask your candidate and team members [and yourself] to prepare a five-minute presentation about something they are passionate about. You'll see the authenticity come through!

For the more tips from Jenn, read her Inc.com article "4 Ways You Can Hook in New Hires with Your Company Culture"



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