Our Very First eCourse is Here | Introducing, DH Masterclass Essentials

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Imagine being the driving force behind a radical transformation at your company. Imagine leading your organization on an unforgettable culture journey.  Imagine enhancing the lives of the people on your team, not just professionally, but personally as well. 


Now is your chance with the help of the top culture experts in the world, CEO Jenn Lim and Culture Chief Sunny Grosso. We are bringing you the very best we have to offer, in a new online format, to help you create radical change at your company.



We introduce to you our first ever online course,

DH Masterclass Essentials.



What's included? 


Get access to our 15 video course library

Value-rich curriculum designed to help you lay the foundation for culture change at your workplace one step at a time. 

Your very own course Playbook

Interactive exercises helping you explore your values, react to questions and reflect on concepts designed to get you thinking critically about how culture shows up at every level of your business. Here's a look!


DH Masterclass Essentials Playbook  DH Masterclass Essentials Playbook


DH Community on Facebook
Share your experience with your colleagues, leadership team and a cohort of fellow culture leaders in the DH Community.




What is the ROI of culture?


Canpa, a company based in Turkey was facing a 30% employee turnover rate, declining profits and low company morale. The root of their problem was in their company culture. After applying our happiness model and our frameworks for the science of happiness, Canpa experienced a major transformation. Their turnover rate went from 30% to zero. In fact, some employees came back. They continue to double their profits every year, and they won 1st place in Turkey's 2018 Great Place to Work assessment.


Canpa Vice President Murat Ozcan on his culture transformation with Delivering Happiness.


This is your first step to transforming your workplace culture, improving employee engagement and productivity, attracting and retaining top talent, and aligning your business goals with your purpose.


We will show you the way to exponential growth and success in 2020, and beyond. 



delivering happiness


We've done the work, tested the theories, and created a blueprint to deliver a systematic approach for culture transformation to companies of all sizes around the world. Is your company next? It starts with you.


Register now to launch your culture journey.






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