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How To Round Table Your Workplace: Equalizing The Workplace

Has anyone else felt King Arther's fables could be resurrected in the meeting room? Unfortunately, many of us are stuck in the same situation: a...

How To Humanize the Employee Experience

The workplace is constantly changing. Gone are the days when employees would stick it out at dead-end jobs and places they felt undervalued just to...

Building Connections & Making Work More Human

While teaching art at a High School in Seattle, Adam Rosendahl discovered that he could use collaborative art practices, intentionally curated music,...

The Dust That Never Leaves Ya

Originally appeared in the Beyond Happiness Newsletter. 

"Why Do You Even…"

…escape when we've got so much here?

…want to be subjected to extreme...

Arizona Western College WOW Story!

Arizona Western College [AWC] is located in the leafy green capital of the US, on the border of California and Mexico in Yuma, AZ. The college has...

AIMS Community College WOW Story!

AIMS Community College offers 280 degrees and certifications, which include career and technical aviation, welding, and engineering. They have...

Western Technical College WOW Story!

Western Technical College is within a few blocks of the mighty Mississippi River in Lacrosse, Wisconsin. They offer industrial, manufacturing, and...

WOW Stories from 2022 AFIT Summer Institute

This year's AFIT Summer Institute was a magical group, full of some of the most heartfelt and passionate people facing the most challenging conditions

Thinking About Joining the Great Resignation?

The Great Resignation has been all over the news recently. People are saying no to stress, no to a lack of balance and flexibility, and yes to their...


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