Q&A: Noemi Zozaya, Co-Founder, CEO & Chief Wow Officer at DH México

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Q&A: Noemi Zozaya, Co-Founder, CEO & Chief Wow Officer at DH México

Back in 2012, Noemi Zozaya started her journey with Delivering Happiness by working on activities with the Spain team. Today, she is Co-Founder, CEO & Chief Wow Officer at Delivering Happiness México. We wanted to share her inspiring journey with our readers. Here is her story, in her own words, about how she came to be a DH partner along with Jorge Rosas.

You can read our Q&A interview with Noemi below, or watch the video here. [7:21 mins]



DH: Tell us about yourself Noemi.

Noemi: Hello. My name is Noemi Zozaya. Co-Founder, CEO and Chief WOW Officer. I’m partner at the Delivering Happiness Mexico.


DH: What were you doing before you knew about Delivering Happiness?

Noemi: I was a project manager of an international trade finance company.


DH: You have a Masters in Positive Psychology, and you've worked as a Lawyer and in Human Resources. Tell us about your professional journey and background.

Noemi: I started my career as a labor lawyer and I was in charge of several labor trials in Mexico. Then I realized that I wanted to help prevent these trials. That was the reason I decided to help companies at the labors relations department. I moved from Mexico City to Madrid to study a Master’s degree in Human Resources and Labor Law. A couple of years later, I decided to study another Master’s degree, but now in Positive Psychology.  As soon as I finished reading the Delivering Happiness book, I wanted to be part of the movement. Immediately after, I wrote to Sunny Grosso to see if there was an opportunity for me to help them and be part of the team. Sunny replied to my email, and since I was living in Madrid, she wanted to introduce me to Carlos Piera Serra who was part of the team in the United States. He wanted to start the company and share the movement in Spain and Europe. 


A couple of days later, I received a call from Carlos inviting me to the first meeting of Delivering Happiness Spain in Barcelona. I was really, really happy.  Finally, I found more like-minded people. One week before that meeting, I had a knee injury and I was really upset because perhaps I wouldn’t be able to travel from Madrid to Barcelona, but I decided to be there no matter what! And I did it. I still remember the moment when Carlos opened the door and he was really surprised. He said, “Hello... What happened to you? Are you crazy?” I think it was one of the most important decisions that I made in my whole life. For me, it was the very first day of a totally new life.


DH:  How did you find Delivering Happiness?

Noemi: It was because of my ex-boyfriend. He was studying for his Master’s degree in Madrid. He told me about the Zappos business case, and he knew how important happiness at work was to me. He gave me the Delivering Happiness book.


DH: What do you love about DH?

Noemi: I love the idea of building a meaningful life and following your purpose and passion.


DH: What made you want to be a DH partner and how did you find the means to make it happen? 

Noemi: Since the first day, when I met Carlos in Barcelona I told him that one of my dreams was to start the company and the movement here in Mexico. I knew as a labor lawyer that the majority of labor trials were because of anger against bosses. Seven years later, Jorge Rosas who is my partner in crime, sent me a message to catch up. We met 10 years before when we were both labor lawyers but we hadn’t talked since. We met for coffee and immediately I started to talk about Delivering Happiness, and he told me he was also very passionate about happiness at work. After hearing my story, he asked me why I haven’t started Delivering Happiness Mexico yet. I said I wasn’t sure if Mexico was ready for us. And he said, “Of course, trust me on this one. If you’d like I would love to start this project with you and be your partner in crime.” And here we are.


DH: How did you manage to find the right team to work with you at DH Mexico?

Noemi: Fortunately, Jorge and I have amazing friends with whom we share the same passion and purpose. We made a list of the possible friends who were a culture fit with Delivering Happiness. We held 3 interviews and now we have an amazing team of 12 coach|sultants®


DH: What are some of the challenges you saw other companies having with their culture and leadership?

Noemi: They don’t know what they don’t know. They don’t know what culture is and how to handle it. And they still want to manage 21st century companies following old ideas. 


DH: What stories can you share of companies that successfully cultured and improved their culture, and saw BIG results?

Noemi: Our very first customer was Sufera, Estafeta [the Mexican version of UPS & FedEx], a shipment and logistics company. We helped them to build their higher purpose and we reviewed their core values. One year after starting this plan with them, they had their annual leaders event. It was really amazing to see how they have developed a new language. Everything now is linked to their higher purpose and values. 


DH: As we go through this global crisis, why is culture so important for businesses to survive and thrive?

Noemi: In times of crisis, we show our real personality. The same thing happens with the companies. We should pay attention to help companies treat their employees during these times. It speaks volumes to their higher purpose and core values.


DH: What impact or change has DH made in your life?  

Noemi: They taught me what values are and how to use those as a compass for my everyday decisions. 


DH: Anything else you would like to share?

Noemi: The love and happiness that all of us share in each project, in all interactions with our best friends starting within the DH family. It's the very first time in my life that I can say sincerely ‘I love you’ to my colleagues.


You should try it. It’s really, really amazing.




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