Redefine Leadership in the Brave New World of Work

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The last few months have been full of turmoil, unexpected tribulations and emotions. Who would have thought we would experience such trauma in such a short period?


We have lost our jobs, our businesses, and above all, our loved ones. Leaders everywhere must address people in a time of loss, dissatisfaction, and fear with words of encouragement and hope to meet the needs of their business, clients and staff.

COVID-19 has reshaped our perspective of life and our priorities. In a very individualistic world, where money and a fast pace life were king, COVID- 19 changed the norm.


As I watch the news and ponder the recent events, I have had an opportunity to think about how leaders in every field are affected in the workplace, business, and everyday life. We know that as much as we want things to go back to "normal", it will take time to readjust. Therefore, we should redefine our leadership in this unprecedented time to adapt and create a "new norm," moving forward to have a more empathetic approach in the marketplace.


I believe leadership is a daily opportunity to discover yourself, fulfill your purpose and serve your community with a heart of compassion, love, respect, honor and above all character. As much as we want to move forward in life, we must realize that adjusting our leadership is vital to propelling ourselves and our business to the next level. Every great company, great leader, great organization, is the fruit of great leadership. 


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As we enter into the new norm, the way you define your leadership will have a significant impact on the way you handle your staff, your business, or your organization. In a world where people have lost hope and are seeking a way to emerge from this traumatic time, the focus should be on empathy and concern, not profits and selfish gains.


Here are five ideas to help you assess and reposition your leadership to move forward in a more significant impactful way.


1. Redefine "normal" 

In business, defining normal is subjective and must be based on your goals, vision, assets, and what works for you. As you think about "what the new normal looks like," embrace this opportunity to reshape your priorities. 


 2. Seek first to understand then to be understood

COVID-19 has taught us now is the time to be vulnerable, authentic, caring, and above all, sacrificial in what we do. Seek first to understand your staff and your clients before thinking about what is best for you. Everyone has a story to share. However, when we focus on what our staff and customers need during this time, it gives us a better understanding of how to serve them.


3. Focus on the positive 

No one could have predicted such chaos. However, as much as we plan to prevent a crisis, we must give room to life's uncertainties. This either break us or make us stronger. It is a decision we must make if we want to move forward. Make the most of every situation and take advantage of every opportunity to become a better leader. Taking time to slow down, pause, and reassess is a gift to better your business, leadership, and choices. Every season teaches us to be grateful.


4. Add value to others

As John Maxwell declares, "leaders add value by serving others." Now is the best time to make a difference by adding value to people around you. "People will not remember what you say but how you make them feel." People are looking for something different; they are looking to be met with compassion. Be that compassionate leader your staff needs. 


5. Expect a higher profit, a more significant ROI

"Nothing is permanent." The hardship in your business will pass. Time heals, and by using this time to focus on compassion and empathy for your staff and clients, your reward will be higher profits, brand loyalty, and a happier workplace. Life teaches us some lessons we can only receive through tribulations. Remember, you reap what you sow. Seasons change, and the best is yet to come in your business, your staff, or your organization. Remember, the way you handle this season of your life as a leader will determine your ROI. 


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