Reinvent Your Culture "WHY" and "HOW"

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 "How will you reinvent your culture and your company?"
— Ron Mandel, DH Coachsultant

If you want to be a different kind of company, if you really want to take your company to another level, and especially if you're in a traditional field, the best way to stand out is in the way you live your purpose and values. 

Most companies are clear about the "what", their mission, but they haven't defined a strong "why", their purpose, or gotten specific about the "how", their values and behaviors; this is what aligns and energizes staff. The key to defining "why" begins with the leaders first discovering their own personal why and then defining or aligning to the organization's why.

Though profits are critical to sustaining an organization, a meaningful purpose is what motivates a person to want to come to work every day. 

To build a successful values and behaviors rollout, first allow functional areas to define the behaviors that make most sense for that group. That makes coaching those team members so much easier because their manager is supporting them to successfully meet and exceed the very behaviors that they said were important to them.

Defining a strong "why" and a specific "how" is the the difference between staff that just do their job and staff that care. When you have staff that truly care, you collectively see that it's not about being the best in the world, it's about being the best for the world.

Want to develop your company's "why" and "how"? 



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