Spread Charity Outside & Build Culture Inside

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Spreading Charity

Volunteering and giving back as a company is a great way to build a positive workplace environment. It promotes employee bonding, creates a culture of giving, and can even boost your employees' mental health benefits. The most successful corporations make volunteering a part of their mission every year, and small businesses are starting to do the same within their communities. 


But, when you have a remote company, it can be harder to get everyone together to work on one charity project. It's not exactly feasible to volunteer in one location for a day when you have employees all over the world. 


However, that doesn't mean it's impossible to find some way to give back as a business. Coming up with ways to volunteer as a remote business will showcase your leadership skills and challenge you. It will also show your employees that you are dedicated to building a better business culture. So, what can you do to make a difference, no matter where your employees are located? 


Volunteer Virtually


Since you likely connect with your employees online, one of the best ways to make the most of your time is to do some online volunteer work. Yes, you can even spread charity over the Internet if you know where to look! Some of the best places to volunteer online include: 

  • United Nations Volunteers
  • Smithsonian Digital Volunteers
  • Amnesty Decoders
  • Translators Without Borders
  • Crisis Text Line

Online volunteer opportunities allow you and your employees to work virtually and still make a difference. You or your team can choose a charitable opportunity to support based on what stands out. The digital world always needs helpers, and it's a great way to give back and show gratitude for the ability to run a business from anywhere in the world. 


Volunteering in this way also allows your employees to stay connected with one another while they are doing something charitable. You can host a virtual "after-party" or a Zoom meeting once your charity work is done to talk about everyone's experiences and the impression the volunteer work had on them. In doing so, you are not only allowing your team to do something good for others, but you are building interpersonal relationships and creating a more robust work environment, especially in a remote setting. 


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Create Local Challenges


If you have employees worldwide, why not encourage them to get out in their local communities? While you may not be able to do something together, you can still have a "volunteer day" within your company. 


You can either pick one national/international charity to support as a company or let your employees decide on a cause that means something to them. Some ideas that can spark their interest include: 

  • Soup kitchens
  • Food pantries
  • Animal shelters
  • Adopt-a-highway/road cleanup

Your employees can volunteer locally and still represent your business. They can wear a t-shirt with your business name, talk to others about your company's volunteer intentions, or why your business is hosting a "give back" day. No matter where your business is officially located, getting your employees out in their communities is a way to help them give back to the place they love while showing dedication to your company culture and brand. They get to be a helper and feel good about what they are doing, all while having the underlying knowledge that the business they work for truly cares about giving to those in need. 


Don't let the fact that you have a remote company hold you back from creating a giving, charitable culture. Let your creativity shine with your employees, and use these tips to volunteer together, even if you're apart.


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