The Benefits of Happiness in the Wedding Industry

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On December 4th, we will be at Be Sage Conference sharing fundamental insights on our happiness business model with passionate leaders and innovators in the wedding industry. This annual conference is coordinated by Sage Wedding Pros, a consultancy dedicated to educating and advising small business owners on how to build stronger, smarter, and more profitable businesses. Their focus on quality education for the industry makes them a fantastic connection to a network of motivated leaders and innovative business practices. 

A Meeting of the Minds

The purpose of the conference is to be a “meeting of the minds,” where wedding professionals can learn and share strategies for growing their businesses. Each day includes an agenda featuring speakers, activities, and networking events. Our very own culture chief, Sunny Grosso, will be delivering a keynote on the Science of Happiness and how our business model and findings were found as a result of a thriving and successful company culture at ZapposBy sharing our insights, Sunny makes it easy for our audiences to understand how to be more profitable in the long-term, experience less turnover, and encourage higher employee engagement.

Marrying Culture with Profits

For many executives and managers, investing in company culture loses priority when stacked up against the bottom line.  For them, it's easy to neglect culture because they don't realize how detrimental it is to have unhappy workers. Disengaged employees can cost the U.S economy billions of dollars in productivity, so imagine how it can impact a small business. In this specific industry, happy employees can lead to more referrals from couples who have received WOW customer experiences. The drive for employees to deliver on high standards stems from the keys to WOW serviceOur audience will come away learning how to build a strong, organizational culture to apply their employee's maximum potential to produce happier clients, and better business opportunities. 

Sunny and the rest of the DH team cannot wait to help the industry deliver more happiness before, on, and beyond the wedding day!

If you would like to schedule a keynote at your conference, we would love to hear from you.

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