The Case for Bringing Your Weird, Authentic Self to Work

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The Benefits of Being Yourself at Work and Psychological Safety

At Delivering Happiness, we operate based on a set of core values which lay the foundation for our company culture [which also keeps us connected since we all work remotely]! Core value #1 is “Be true to your [weird] self.” Based on a study of authenticity from the London Business School, organizations with employees who feel they can be themselves at work tend to have higher retention rates and increased performance. Being yourself at work can also create psychological safety in the workplace. As per a recent study from Google, psychological safety is a common factor in its most successful teams.



More reasons to bring your true self to work:

  • Increased productivity

Without all that energy, tension, and worry devoted to looking and acting a certain way at work [aka not quite yourself], you and your employees can focus more on the projects and tasks at hand. From teams that have more individuals who strongly experience psychological safety, they can see at least a 12% increase in productivity!


  • More ideas and participation DH, we also understand psychological safety as something that empowers employees to feel their opinions count. How many times have you been in a brainstorming session or asked for more team participation and were given only a few suggestions or even heard some crickets?

It’s not that your employees don’t have ideas, it’s probably because they feel they will be judged for them. When you allow people to be themselves at work, you validate the value of their opinions too [which can lead to more innovation or breakthrough ideas]!


  • Lower turnover, and higher levels of commitment

Sunny Grosso Delivering Happiness QuoteAccording to Gallup data, only about three out of 10 U.S. workers strongly agree that their opinions count at work. If we moved that ratio higher to six out of 10 employees, an organization could see a 27% decrease in turnover because of a collectively higher level of commitment to the organization.

When someone feels like their input matters and can make a difference, they are less likely to leave in times of change or challenge.


  • Connectedness within the organization

Through our happiness model, we know that connectedness is a lever that can create happiness at work. When you feel connected to one another, you can develop meaningful relationships within your company culture. To establish friendships in your personal life or at work, it’s easier when trust and authenticity are present [nobody likes fake friends]. When we are trying to make friends, how many times have we heard the same advice to “just be ourselves”?


  • It’s just plain fun

Delivering Happiness All Hands Meeting 2018

We’re speaking from experience here, and there’s a lot of fun to be had when you can joke around with your coworkers about their quirks and likes. It’s also awesome to know that who we are to each other is who we truly are in our lives outside of work. So for us, trust comes easy along with honesty, communication, and empathy.

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