The Data is in...Are Your Employees Happy At Work?

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Are you happy? It is a simple question but does not always produce a simple answer. What is happiness anyway? Happiness is a trait; it is not a state of being. When someone posses the happiness trait, they are content, satisfied, and joyful.


But with the state of the world today, we ask:

  • Is it possible to be happy? 
  • Is it okay to be happy? 
  • How can we be happy when we are surrounded by such sorrow, conflict, and uncertainty?


Yes! Yes, it is possible to be happy. Yes, it is okay to be happy, and yes, you are allowed to be happy. Why? Because true happiness does not come from outside sources, it comes from within. 


True happiness comes from defining your core values, embracing those values in the pursuit of a higher purpose which creates a more meaningful life.  


Why Happiness Matters


Just as individuals can use their core values to achieve a higher purpose, so can businesses. Imagine if your business selects employees who share the same core values, and higher purpose-you will create a happier, more profitable business. But don't just take our word for it [even though happiness is our business], click here to learn what professionals say about the science of happiness.  


Does your organization have defined core values? Does your company's higher purpose drive your employees? If the answer is no, it may be time to [re]define your core values. 


DH's Virtual Masterclass helps your organization define its core values, and then aligns those values to your higher purpose.  


The Cost of Unhappy Employees


A Gallup poll shows 85% of employees in the world are disengaged from their job. Employees who are not actively engaged in their workplace will be less productive, less innovative, and less likely to push your business towards your desired goals and financial outcomes. Gallup also shows unproductive employees cost the US $7 Trillion annually. 


Most disengaged employees are unhappy in their workplace. This unhappiness may be caused by numerous factors. So, how can you discover the root of their unhappiness? 2DAYSMOOD has developed a tool to measure employees' moods, daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly. Co-founder and International Managing Partner, Martin Meulenkamp, say, "An organization is an organic entity that is constantly on the move, and where employees play the leading role when it comes to success. It is, therefore, crucial to know what is going on." 


How to Measure Employee Happiness


Employees have an enormous impact on your business and your profits.  

Your employees represent YOUR brand, and their mood dictates how YOUR customers will perceive your company.


Dh Formula


The challenges of 2020 have caused many companies [both international and domestic] to struggle with maintaining a positive, happy workplace culture while social distancing and working remotely. With this in mind, 2DAYSMOOD compiled data from more than 40 organizations in the Netherlands on the [remote] work happiness of their staff to create the Employee Happiness Data Report. 


Report Highlights


This report highlights employees' need for communication and connectedness. Employees who have empathetic leadership have been able to recover more quickly from the initial stress created by the onset of a worldwide pandemic. Empathetic leaders produce more reliant employees. Your staff needs leaders who are transparent, emphatic, and truthful.


You can review the full summary of the Employee Happiness Data Report here. To learn even more about 2DAYSMOOD, gain insights on happiness trends in Europe vs. North American, the benefits of measuring employee moods, and more listen to the latest episode of the DH Podcast.


In these uncertain times, happiness is still achievable; Businesses can still be profitable, and leaders must lead with empathy and integrity. 


DH Offers on-site and Virtual Solutions to create a     happier, thriving company and more                            meaningful lives.

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