The Top 10 WOW Customer Experience Stories of 2022

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Providing WOW customer service is crucial for the success of your business. If you can show your customers just how much you care about them, they will be more loyal and more likely to spread the word about your brand. Here are the top 10 WOW customer service stories of 2022.


1. McDonald's


It is essential to align your team's core values so that everyone is on the same page when it comes to customer support. But to go even further than that, McDonald's announced that it would create a customer experience team to understand the way its customers interact with the fast-food chain. This knowledge will allow McDonald's to take its CX to a whole new level globally.


2. Volkswagen


Similar to what McDonald's did, Volkswagen announced that it was hiring Markus Kleimann to become the chief experience officer of a team of 40 leaders managing the CX of the brand. It was huge news considering that Kleimann would become the first to have the title of chief experience officer at the company.


3. Google


In the context of COVID-19, Google decided to introduce dedicated informational pages about the disease and the preventive measures that people can take. Maya Darling, an expert from the writing services reviews site Best Writers Online, says, "Google's actions are quite admirable. Alert pages and accurate statistics on new cases are necessary to keep people updated on the pandemic, showing that Google cares about its users."


4. Amazon


Like Google, Amazon also realized the uniqueness of the current situation worldwide. Because the company knew that customers would have many questions related to shipping, returns, etc., they decided to create a separate FAQ page with all the information relevant to the COVID-19 virus and how Amazon would function during it.


5. Ralph Lauren


With the widespread use of AI, it's no wonder that many brands are adopting technologies related to it to enhance customer experiences. For instance, Ralph Lauren offers virtual tours of its physical stores, making shopping fun for customers who couldn't visit the locations due to the pandemic. It's great for the brand, but it's also perfect for customers to experience more immersive online shopping.


6. Burger King


Burger King didn't stay behind its fast-food competitors and decided to go a step further in helping its customers. Rachel Young from the custom writing reviews site Writing Judge explains, "I really like what Burger King did with its campaign in Belgium. They asked customers to come and reclaim items that were left in lockdown. The items couldn't be returned once the lockdown started, so when Burger King was reopening afterward, they urged customers to come and reclaim their items."


7. Zoom


There is no doubt that Zoom became one of the top video-calling tools during the lockdown. To promote its application even further, the company started offering free training sessions to educate users on how to utilize Zoom in the most effective way possible. It's a perfect strategy for educating current customers and acquiring new ones.


8. Nike


Nike has been well-known for providing high-quality customer experiences for many years now. In 2021, the brand continued its tradition of excellent customer service by refurbishing Shek Lei Grind, a community basketball court in Hong Kong. This showed the community and the world Nike cares about the planet [the court was made from recycled sneakers] and its customers at the same time.


9. JetBlue


The airline company JetBlue realized how complicated travel became during the pandemic, so it offered the best customer support possible. An expert from the Trust My Paper, Scott Edgerton, says, "They started replying to customers on Twitter within hours or even minutes. Many brands take hours to provide support on social media, but that is not an option for an airline company operating during a global pandemic."


10. BaliBody


Lastly, there's the example that BaliBody has set with its Instagram strategy. The skincare and cosmetics brand organized its Instagram highlights to showcase the most important information – FAQs, product videos, reviews, etc. It's a great way to showcase the best sides of your business on your social media brand account.


Final Thoughts


All in all, providing amazing customer support is not that difficult. Just take a look at all of these examples and see what some of our past clients have done to WOW. Then, ask your customers what they want – and that's how you can understand what you should do to take your customer support to a new level.


WOW Customer Experience goes beyond those foundations & focuses on creating a memorable, positive experience. 


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