3 Challenges That Should Be On Any Busy Executive’s Radar [FREE EBOOK]

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Leading any part of a business or organization requires you to be *in the know* about which strategies are going to be the most effective for the future. When the future is evolving faster than ever, it’s almost impossible to understand how to prioritize what decisions will bring your organization to the next level. We at Delivering Happiness heard you, and that’s why we created a new ebook for busy leaders like you. Check out what it’s all about: 



Surviving or Thriving?


Most leaders are in this constant state of ‘keeping afloat’, where you rarely feel caught up with work or ahead of the game. We all want to look forward to that satisfying feeling of being prepared for whatever comes next, but we usually spend too much of our time putting out fires or wondering if we missed something. Instead of thriving in our roles as leaders, more often, we find ourselves struggling to survive our workload. It’s time to make some doable changes to get ahead of the challenges to come. This ebook isn’t meant to only talk about the upcoming challenges of the modern workplace; it’s also meant to show you HOW to thrive in the ways you face them. 


The Three Rising Challenges


Readers loved CEO Jenn’s ebook on productivity, so this time around we had more team members lend their expertise on how to approach the challenges that are standing in the way for a thriving and evolving workplace. Here they are below: 

  • Challenge #1 Attracting and Retaining the Right Talent
  • Challenge #2 Developing an Adaptable Workforce
  • Challenge #3 Balancing a Culture of Trust and Control

Challenge #1 goes into one of the most significant pain points of a competitive workplace: employee attraction and retention. As the ebook notes, in a recent survey of CEOs by PriceWaterhouseCoopers, 41% cited workplace culture as having the greatest future impact on their company’s talent strategy. The question we help readers dive deeper into is HOW to make that an integral part of your hiring strategy.


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Challenge #2 addresses how the pace of technological and cultural changes make it essential to have a workforce that can adapt and is agile. Through these twists and turns of a company’s lifetime, culture acts as an insurance policy, allowing an organization to move forward in the presence of change rather than be wrecked or stalled by it. 


Challenge #3 is about how employees desire roles that allow them to exercise freedom through a culture of trust and autonomy within the organization. As traditional management styles are phasing out, leaders have to prepare to meet the demand for approaches that encourage productivity, innovation, and trust. 


Exclusive Exercises and Takeaways


With exercises at the end of each challenge, our team coaches you to dig deeper and think critically about your workplace culture and the way your culture could affect key business outcomes. Using some popular tools like the ROI Calculator and DHi survey, you’ll be surprised to see how much your workplace culture is impacting the long-term health of your business and the happiness of your employees.


Become a better leader and equip yourself with helpful tools and insights in our free ebook!

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