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3 Ways to Be Proud of Your Job: Discovering Autonomy Support

Do you stand proudly alongside your company? Or are you resentful, have feelings of bitterness, or tension towards your company? If you align with...

Wisdom for a Happy Life: Be in Control of Yourself


When I was a kid, I learned one important lesson from my mother that would significantly define who I am: “Do what you believe is right. Do not...

We. Sell. Joy. Why Don’t You?

by Corey Michael Blake and David Cohen, co-founders of Round Table Companies

Your Culture is your Co-Founder

by Javier Munoz

How to Keep the Culture Conversation Going

by Javier Munoz

When building a strong Culture, the number one challenge is for the whole organization to remain aware of its value, to include it as...

Bringing Culture to your Current Investments

by Javier Munoz

In a previous post, we introduced the Culture Canvas as a tool to assess whether a company has a Minimum Viable Culture to deliver...

The Motivation Trifecta: Autonomy, Mastery, & Purpose

Money isn't the most powerful or effective motivator. Back in the 1970s, psychologist Edward Deci ran an experiment showing how incentivizing...

How to do a Culture Due Diligence

by Javier Munoz

Recent research by Shikhart Ghosh, senior lecturer at Harvard Business School, has found that 3 out of 4 venture-backed startups...

The Will Power of Happiness

by Javier Munoz


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