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Want Better Customer Service?

A customer is more than just a successful transaction. Customers represent an exercise in trust. He or she believes that by interacting with your...

Wisdom for a Happy Life: Get Up & Dance!

Dancing is an activity that has served many purposes throughout human history. It has been done as part of communication, religious rituals, and...

An Experiment in Limiting “I’m Sorry”

A few months ago, I embarked on a personal experiment to eliminate my excess use of “I’m sorry.”  I started because I saw a big discrepancy when...

Great Managers “ASK” Powerful Questions

Dear employees from my beginning days as a manager,

Our First "Connect! on Culture!"


Change Starts Here: Create Your Happiness Action Plan

6,000 Miles in the Pursuit of Happiness

In January of this year, I made a life-changing decision. After 6 years spent living in the U.S., I realised that that chapter had come to a...

Catalyzing Happiness: Which Comes First, Health, or Happiness?

There is a strong link between health and happiness.  Studies indicate that happy people have stronger immune systems, which mean they are...

Wisdom for a Happy Life: Sun Tzu and Making Life Easier

For this blog post, I shall do something unusual: present wisdom from a classic military handbook, The Art of War, written by the Chinese general...


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