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Are You A Great Boss?

The team at Officevibe knows a lot about leadership and company culture, and the importance of both in the workplace.

Why the Office “Good Guy” Enjoys his Work More than You

The office good guy… you know him… he’s John, the administrative assistant who is always ready to enthusiastically serve on a new voluntary committee...

Want Better Customer Service?

A customer is more than just a successful transaction. Customers represent an exercise in trust. He or she believes that by interacting with your...

An Experiment in Limiting “I’m Sorry”

A few months ago, I embarked on a personal experiment to eliminate my excess use of “I’m sorry.” I started because I saw a big discrepancy when...

Great Managers “ASK” Powerful Questions

Dear employees from my beginning days as a manager,

Our First "Connect! on Culture!"

Change Starts Here: Create Your Happiness Action Plan

Are You a GREAT Manager?

When I was in my early 30s, the only businesses I’d ever worked for were those my family or I owned. I never had a true manager except myself, my...

To Solve a Problem, First Find its Source

If you want to solve a problem, go to the source… We know, we’ve heard that before. No argument. Right?


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