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VHP of the Week: Anthony Lee

Today launches the first day that we highlight the AMAZING members of our VHP community to the world. Our first VHP of the week is Anthony Lee,...

Delivering Happiness Visits the East Bay Book Club

When Berkeley, California's East Bay Book Club organizer (and newly minted Very Happy Person) Anthony Lee got to lead his stalwart group of...

Rixar Garcia, World's Happiest Cabbie, Part II

When we left off last week, Rixar had created a huge Twitter following for his taxi company, Taxioviedo, and garnered all sorts of media attention...

Delivering Happiness Town Hall with Kay-Lynne Schaller

Kay-Lynne Schaller, one of our lovely and enthusiastic VHPs (Very Happy People for the uninitiated), recently organized a Delivering Happiness Town...

Barcelona Block Party!


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