What Cigna Healthspring Did After Getting Acquired

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The Cigna HealthSpring team with DH Coachsultants, Ron Mandel & Sunny Grosso

This is a story of perseverence and resilience.

Getting acquired calls for celebration. But shortly after celebration, realities kick in: how do you merge a cohesive culture you've worked so hard to build, into the parent company?

HealthSpring answered this question after being acquired by Cigna. Inspired by Zappos' successful culture transition following the Amazon acquisition, HealthSpring wanted to follow suit. They engaged with Delivering Happiness, with the goal of maintaining what historically made them amazing, and identifying clear gaps.

Through interactive workshops and alignment sessions guided by DH Coachsultants, HealthSpring formed a Purpose Statement in line with Cigna. They Defined Values integrated with Cigna's principles, while maintaining what made HealthSpring uniquely authentic and inspiring in the first place. Lastly, they created a 60 person Onboarding Team and Training Program that empowers their 4,800 person division.

With a Purpose, Defined Values, and a strong Onboarding & Training Team, Cigna HealthSpring has a promising journey ahead.

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