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In the beginning of the new year, we hosted a custom, private Masterclass for a law group looking to tie purpose and happiness more into their practice. Used to having retreats that only temporarily spurred on motivation, the Burner Law Group's founder Nancy Burner wanted a program that could engage employees for the long-term. Nancy actually went to a culture bootcamp of ours years ago, so we were so excited to bring the rest of her organization through our Masterclass!

Hear Nancy’s testimonial and get a feel for what a real Masterclass is like:  



What we loved about Burner Law Group:


burner law group delivering happiness masterclass feedforwardIt's pretty incredible to come across a mostly female-run law group nowadays! Not only that, their collective passion for giving back to the elderly community and connecting with their clients is so genuine. While we were running the Masterclass, we took a break so that the group could go greet and spend time with their clients at the local university's basketball game.


Even when this organization is working on themselves, they're still thinking of others - and that's what we love about them!


Nancy's story on wanting to be a better leader especially touched our hearts because we come across so many leaders who, like Nancy, want to inspire their teams in a meaningful way. Her legacy of connecting purpose into the work her organization does every day is something that today's leaders want to have, but most are unable to make it happen without the right methods and resources. We're so happy we could guide Burner Law Group along their culture journey!


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What we loved about our Masterclass together:


This group was attentive, collaborative, encouraging, and so fun to be around. Seeing their work progress throughout the two days we were together was inspiring. By the end of the Masterclass, we could really see the work pay off in our last Culture Action Plan brainstorming session together. New ideas were being embraced with genuine excitement and plans were already in motion to make them come to life. 




"It was an amazing Masterclass! Nancy and her team made it so easy and enjoyable, it's hard to call this 'work'! I'm very proud to be a part of this!"

-Veronica Fernández Mesias, Senior Coach|sultant



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