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Do you have a thriving workplace culture that empowers your team to attract the right talent, retain your best talent, increase your sales, and improve productivity?


Culture has become such a hot topic in recent years, and organizations now realize the importance of getting it right for future success.


In fact, 82% of CEOs and HR Leaders agree culture is a competitive advantage.


The question has shifted from should we invest in our culture to which methodology is the strongest for building the best culture for our organization? With so many choices for culture change, why should you work with us?



Here are five reasons why DH is the right partner for your organization to create your best culture yet for people and business:




It’s way cooler than you think! We educate your team with data-driven, science-backed knowledge, and positive psychology to create your culture action plan for a happier workplace within your organization. It’s not just our opinion; we have scientific research to back it up!


We were one of the first companies to focus where culture and happiness intersect. In fact, we have been pioneering the science of happiness at work since the early days of Zappos. Since then we have worked with over 350 organizations around the globe and across many industries to create happier, more profitable companies.


Our DH frameworks are relevant to your team regardless of where you are on the culture journey or the number of employees within your organization. We have real-world examples embedded within our strategies and present it in an interactive, engaging, and fun way for all teams. Your goals are most important to us, and we will work with your team to meet your specific needs.


Our collective experience has brought us around the world and connected us with clients across different industries. Combining our 15+ years of experience in the culture space and research from the science of happiness, we work together to create happier workplaces. From Dubai to New York City, our coaches go above and beyond to deliver "WOW" experiences and ensure your team will gain the necessary tools for change.



Inspiration without action doesn’t help anyone nor will your culture change! While our methods are inspiring, we also realize the value of providing tools that can educate and measure your own culture for immediate action. Of course, we are always available to take the next step with you, so you never have to go at it alone.


Let’s connect to create a happier workplace and empower your teams to do their best work every day. It’s time for your best culture yet!





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