What Kind of Legacy Are You Leaving as a Leader?

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What kind of legacy are you leaving as a leader? put people before profits


The true mark of legacy is when the values and ideals of one person are so interwoven into a business and its practices, that it becomes the very essence and indispensable nature of what that company is.


You can leave a positive and profound impact that is carried, maintained, and preserved over time through the people of your company. What is your leadership legacy?


Your legacy doesn't have to be something you leave behind because you left the company, instead it can be the practices you do today that leave a lasting impact. 


Here is one significant practice you can implement right away:


Start putting your people before your profits.  


Focusing on your people first and putting an emphasis on culture will significantly affect your profits, retention, and growth over time. According to Forbes, "Companies with strong cultures saw a 4x increase in revenue growth."


Here is an example of a leader who set his company up for success by prioritizing culture.


Long before it's grand opening, Woko Loco worked on aligning its business goals with its culture. Manuel, the restaurant's owner, based his company's foundation and culture on happy employees first.


Before taking any orders, Manuel signed up for a DH Masterclass to build Woko Loco's culture roadmap. Our Coach|sultants helped his team establish a framework, and align their higher purpose and core values with their business strategy.


Manuel's Culture Action Plan included items like a discovery process to understand who each new-hire is outside of work. He also created a system to reward employees with badges as they grow into different positions. He made it a priority to display the team's values in the dining areas, where customers could see them.


Their culture is deeply embedded in their products and services. Woko Loco lives out their values through their employees, their menu, the customer experience, and it even extends out into the community.


“A restaurant is a place where hundreds of people connect each day. We’ve decided to touch people’s lives and create a ripple effect of positive vibes around us.” - Manuel Rodriguez


The very core of Woko Loco's principles begins with its employees and branches out from there. If you take culture out of Woko Loco, you take away Woko Loco. That's how embedded it is.


Manuel is the perfect example of a leader who has created a positive legacy that  will sustain the business for years to come.


The impact of the culture he has thoughtfully designed is reflected in Woko Loco's success. This little restaurant, in the heart of Austin, delights customers everyday with Asian-inspired noodle boxes and a side of pure joy. Literally because they call themselves Ambassadors of Joy. They are committed to practicing their values aloud, creating a truly positive experience for their growing community.


Next time you're in Austin, be sure to stop in for a bite.


What kind of legacy are you creating and how will it affect business in the future? Let us know in the comments below.


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