What People Don’t Tell You About Changing Your Company Culture

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What you need to change transform company culture

Culture change [or culture transformation] is both simple and complicated. The work and foundation for change is totally aligned with the way we think and want to live as human beings [we want a higher purpose, autonomy, meaningful connections, etc.] but there are some considerations to note before embarking on your culture journey.


If you think back at some of your own culture initiatives, what worked and what didn’t work? How much of an impact did they make in the long-term? Did some things surprise you?


Here are our 4 things to consider when initiating a culture transformation:


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1) Leadership alignment is NECESSARY!


According to McKinsey, it’s estimated that 70% of culture initiatives fail. Yet when you have the commitment and full buy-in from the organization [leadership especially], the ROI of the change is realized at 143 percent.


That’s why leadership has to align with making culture a priority and agree on its foundation and implementation.   


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2) Self-selection occurs.


When you create a culture based on a set of core values [ex. transparent, honest communication], you’ll find that some employees may not align with them or behave in accordance to them. In cases like this, self-selection often happens. The few who are not on board will leave and make room for the right employees to come in. And these new hires will thrive, continue to uphold your core values, and be happier with their jobs and work culture [and you can see a 21% increase in productivity]!


3) Not a “flavor of the month” initiative.


How often has your team been aligned on a goal only to have this can-do attitude last for just a month or two? Your company culture is something that will [eventually] live on its own as an integral part of your organization’s being. It is not a temporary passion project, it is something worked on every day by the individual employee and the company as a whole. You won’t find much “vanilla” in your culture initiatives because they create accountability, connectedness, and a greater sense of community for your employees!


4) It’s a marathon, not a sprint.


You will see quick wins, but culture is a process that evolves over time. Jennifer Mansel, our Client Cultivator, says “clients start to see people living their core values without even thinking about them. Once folks are aligned with values, their behaviors start to reflect them every day.”


After their culture transformation, Canpa reported there were more WOW moments between employees, customers, and vendors than ever before - and that employees wanted to go above-and-beyond for others because of how closely they aligned with Canpa's core values. 


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