A Peek at Who & Where We Delivered Happiness | Nov 2019

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As we enter the thick of the holiday season, more companies are taking the first steps to build a better company culture for next year. Within organizations like Facebook and Century 21 Department Stores, there is a growing awareness of how much culture plays into the future success of the business. See how Delivering Happiness is paving the way for happier and more profitable organizational cultures around the world: 


Where we've been:


Drafting Values and Higher Purpose at Vensure Employer Services

Vensure is a full-service professional employer organization devoted to simplifying human resources management. In their current phase of growth and acquisition, their senior leaders gathered to build culture alignment among their 10+ divisions. Ready to discuss, learn, and experiment with values and purpose, the team drafted their first ideas together on what their culture's foundation would look like. The group even integrated survey data from their employees into their work! Coach|sultants Shereen, Brett, and Erin guided them through our Culture Blueprint and gave them next-step directives to narrow down their ideas and introduce them to the company. 


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"What's your Culture Question?" Webinar

In case you missed it, our latest DH webinar featured two guest CEO hosts - Jenn Lim [CEO of DH Global] and Carlos Pierra Serra [CEO of DH Spain]! This informal Q&A session answered questions from registered attendees, specific to their organization's culture challenges. Some questions were about building culture among remote workers, how to scale culture, and how to get CEOs and other executives on board with culture-building initiatives. Grab the webinar here!


Training Update with DH Japan

A few of our coach|sultants have been in Tokyo over the last month to ramp up the launch of DH Japan. From learning how to host a DH Masterclass to how to integrate the Culture Blueprint into coach|sulting® projects, the team has been busy with our partner's certification journey. Check out the video below to see what we're doing in Tokyo:





What's coming up next?


Women's Leadership Day at Facebook

Our CEO & Co-founder, Jenn Lim, will be joining Facebook for their Women's Leadership Day conference. She'll be speaking to an audience of internal employees on how to create more happiness at work for themselves and their teams. Attendees will come away with lessons learned on how to create a happier culture and how to discover their own personal values. We can't wait to see how it goes!


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Executive Coaching with Century 21 Department Stores

DH's lead coachsultant Shereen Eltobgy will be visiting with C21's executive team again for a series of executive coaching sessions. As the leadership team begins to plan for the new year, creating initiatives for culture success is essential to building a people-first business strategy. Since working with DH, C21 has become Great Place to Work® certified and has seen positive business outcomes from their growing focus on culture.  


What does the next year look like for your company? Take the first step towards a happier, more profitable culture: 



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