Why Culture is Your Co-Founder

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Repeat after us: Culture is Your Co-Founder.

That’s right. Culture isn’t just that fluffy, feel good stuff that happens at company outings or happy hours, it’s an integral part of your business. When describing culture to clients we often say, culture is the stuff that happens when you are not in the room. It’s how your team communicates, solves problems, and treats one another daily.

As a CEO or Founder, you cannot outsource culture-building. You have to be involved and committed to truly making it work. The rest of the team will not commit to living the values if culture lacks consistency and people at the top consider themselves special or different and excused from living the values.

Creating a culture of happiness where people can thrive must be equally prioritized with building a profitable company or an enduring brand.

If Culture is your Co-Founder then let it weigh in. Nominate a cross-functional Culture Team, host a lunch, or create a "Culture" Slack channel and let your people chime in. Remember, culture doesn’t have to be complex! And you can NEVER care about culture too early. Little improvements each day will make a huge impact.

What are some of your favorite, super simple culture improvements? Share them and mention us @DHmovement!

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