Why Happy Salespeople Are More Successful

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Working in sales is a tough job. Your clients may not want to hear what you have to say, and the daily grind can feel really monotonous. But many people agree that sales are a great place to begin a career in business because the skills you learn—such as negotiation, persistence, and effective communication—are useful in any future position. I worked in sales for two years and saw many people come and go, but the people who succeeded often had a positive attitude and sunny disposition. Here are some reasons why happy salespeople are more successful, and how you, too, can create a team of successful salespeople.

Why Happy Salespeople Are Better Salespeople


It’s important to remember that customers are perceptive. People can sense it in your voice when you're smiling and are often more willing to talk to you. I’ve been on calls with people who initially were not happy to hear from me, but warmed up to my friendliness and ended up converting into a valuable sale.


In fact, researchers have found that happiness is contagious. A study published in Statistics in Medicine indicates that not only can happiness spread from one person to another, but it can also spread up to three degrees beyond that relationship—to friends of friends. Nicholas Christakis, an author of the study and professor at Harvard Medical School explains, “Everyday interactions we have with other people are definitely contagious, in terms of happiness.”


What’s more, happy salespeople actually enjoy the conversations they have! While it’s true that not every sales call or customer interaction is going to be great, a lot of them are and it’s important to appreciate the pleasant experiences. Relishing in those moments will both make your job more enjoyable and help you push through other situations that are tough or trying. Plus, when a salesperson truly enjoys the conversation, it leads to a more natural selling proposition and ultimately more success.


How to Become a Happier Salesperson


Don’t forget to keep the bigger picture in mind. Unless you’re planning to make sales your career, most people use a sales position as a stepping stone to move forward in their career. Keeping this larger goal in mind when the going gets tough will help you maintain a positive attitude and happier perspective.


While you’re in sales, remember that your colleagues likely share many of the same feelings and experiences as you, so become close with the people sitting around you—they will be your lifelines. Through your colleagues, you can build a support system to cheer each other up, whether a GIF, a funny video, or something else. Remember to laugh; the day goes by much quicker if you can laugh together.


Finally, personalize and jazz up your workspace. Try hanging some twinkle lights and putting up pictures from a really fun trip. You spend the majority of your waking hours during the week at work, so be sure you’re surrounded by things that make you happy.


Happy salespeople convert more leads and are generally more successful because the people on the other line actually want to talk to them. They are more engaging and talk about the benefits of a product more than an unhappy salesperson does. If you’re unhappy with your sales job, try the tips above!


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