How a DH Workshop Transformed Culture for these Four Companies

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What about your business would you like to improve upon this year? How can you grow it through your workforce and teams?

In the United States alone, disengaged workers affect economic performance by about $300 billion.

To combat this loss, maybe you want to boost productivity and employee engagement, reduce burnout, reduce turnover, or all of the above. You can lead the transformation of these areas for your teams through Delivering Happiness. We offer 10 unique workshops that can make a substantial difference in your workforce and company culture – all backed by the science of happiness

Delve into how a DH workshop has helped our clients build a sustainable workplace culture for their organizations:

National Business Capital: Executive Alignment Workshop

In this session, senior leadership at National Business Capital came together to focus their objectives and align them on purpose, goals, and key outcomes for a sustainable culture. By going through this session, leaders were able to:

  • delegate and prioritize tasks so they could create a long-lasting framework for a workforce that had just doubled in size and was set to continue growing 
  • co-create a guide to sustain their ideal culture and to outline measurable goals and initiatives to their expanded workforce 
  • structure the foundation for their team of culture leaders, who are responsible for keeping their values-based culture alive

By rolling out and living a sustainable culture model, National Business Capital has been able to elevate customer experience for a smoother journey in financing.


"Since working with DH, we have clarified our Core Values and implemented a 9-member culture leader team to own the role and implement activities/ideas to keep our internal culture alive and we couldn’t be more excited about it. We have an already engaging environment and staff, so this will be the cherry on top to make our existing culture that much stronger. "

– Kimberly Florio, Director of Operations of National Business Capital


Century 21: Values Creation Workshop

In this workshop with Century 21, we guided the leadership team in ideating to draft the company’s core values. By focusing in on values that represent their uniqueness and ideal culture, Century 21 was able to lay the groundwork for recognizing which behaviors and metrics would reflect the shaping of their environment. By finalizing these values and aligning the reasons behind them, Century 21 rolled them out as foundations to their ideal culture and workforce.  Some of their core values include teamwork, honesty, and to amaze. 


"The DH Coachsultants have been an important part of our organization’s work in building an employee first culture...The DH Coachsultants are 100% committed to making each interaction meaningful and they invest the time and effort to accomplish this.""

– Eddie Gindi, Executive Vice President & Nancy Straface, Vice President of Human Resources of Century 21 Department Stores


Alamo Drafthouse Cinema: MAP: Measure, Analyze, and Plan Workshop

At Alamo Drafthouse, their purpose requires employees to be culture champions of cinema and to bring people back into the theater for unique experiences. To do this, how could they make sure their employees were on the same page with their ideal culture and were also happy being a part of it? With our MAP workshop, we were able to MEASURE Alamo’s employee happiness, ANALYZE insights, and map out a culture PLAN. This quantitative and qualitative workshop gave Alamo the data they needed to connect the building blocks of their focus on creating a great cinema experience. You can download a full case study here


"When we started this, we never thought about the measurable aspect of our culture. It was a true epiphany.”

– Nick Vega, Director of Training of Alamo Drafthouse


Cigna HealthSpring: Higher Purpose Creation Workshop

Putting a purpose [the "why"] to your organization can motivate employees to work towards a higher purpose and focus beyond the day-to-day tasks. In industries like health insurance, the purpose of your business can get lost in regulatory details and strict processes. Cigna HealthSpring sought to identify their organizational higher purpose to motivate its employees on a deep, intrinsic level and to form their best culture. To be competitive in the Medicare space, they wanted their employees to feel empowered by their purpose and by virtue, give their customers a great experience


Cigna HealthSpring's Purpose:

We're on a mission to help people improve their health, well-being, and sense of security.



Whether you are trying to implement the beginnings of a happier work culture or are looking for ways to sustain the one you have, DH has a workshop for you. Start increasing productivity, happiness, and engagement:


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