5 Factors That Make a Successful Employee Recognition Program

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5 Factors For a Successful Employee Recognition Program Delivering Happiness

You have talented staff. You want to help them develop professionally so that they can be the best version of themselves. You want to let them know they’re great at what they do! Establishing a successful employee recognition program can be challenging. Yet, a good recognition program will definitely pay off in the long term. Employee recognition programs are a great way to increase employee engagement. A good program can also motivate employee performance and improve your workplace culture as a whole. Here are five essential components of a successful recognition program: 


1) Frequent Recognition


It’s important to express appreciation for your employees. Recognition can take many forms, from a high five to an end-of-year bonus. Your employees contribute to the success of your business every single day, and recognition should be given just as often to reflect this. Frequent recognition will help engage your employees. This results in a strengthened business and lower turnover.


Big milestones should be celebrated, but it’s essential to also recognize small victories. Incorporating a peer recognition system can help do this. Empower your staff to reward each other for their hard work. There are too many valuable contributions being made day to day, and senior staff may be too caught up in their own work to notice. Peers are in a much better position to acknowledge each other’s inputs into the business. They can provide recognition on a frequent and timely basis.


Although peer recognition is important, management and senior staff should also make an effort. Having someone higher up in the ranks acknowledge your hard work can be very impactful. Make sure they put aside some time to let good employees know that they are doing a good job. Announcing an employee’s success at the next meeting can also be motivating for the employee and others too!


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2) Thoughtful Gifts


As well as rewarding employees for their hard work, it’s also important to celebrate personal milestones. Thoughtful gifts are great to celebrate milestones such as a new baby, a wedding, or even a way to welcome a new member of the team! Gift your employees a wonderful experience for their hard work too! A voucher to help them relax, such as a massage, spa, fine dining experience, or swag bag, will be sure to keep them in a good headspace. This will also make your employees feel valued as a member of the team.


3) Comprehensive Insurance


Organizations are becoming more competitive. If you want to retain your good employees, you need to give them the incentive to stay. Many workplaces now offer comprehensive insurance packages to loyal and high-performing employees. This will improve employee loyalty as it makes them feel valued and gives them a stronger sense of belonging. In turn, employee retention improves, and so does the engagement rate. Offering comprehensive insurance can motivate existing employees. It can also build a better image for your company and attract new talent.


4) An Objective, Professional Review


Consider getting help from professionals to improve your organizational culture. Your company’s culture drives the business itself. DH coachsultants can provide advice on what makes a great company culture. They can help sustain your employee’s performance and engagement for the long term. Building a happier workplace for employees will, in turn, drive sales and productivity. A happy workplace means happy business results!


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5) Allowing Feedback [or Feedforward


No one can tell you how to improve your employee recognition program better than your own staff. Ask them what they think! Anonymous surveys are a great way to do this. The key purpose of an employee recognition program is to let your staff know they will be rewarded for working hard. Allow your employees to tell you how you can encourage them to reach their full potential. What’s working well for them, and what would they like to change in the recognition program? This is the easiest and most effective way to ensure success in your employee recognition program!


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