5 Ways A Thriving Employee Stands Out At Work

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At Delivering Happiness we help managers create a company culture of thriving. What happens when you thrive as an employee?

According to the research of Gretchen Spreitzer and Christine Porath, here's what thriving employees report versus their non-thriving peers:

  • 125% less burnout
  • 46% higher job satisfaction
  • 32% greater commitment to your company
  • 16% better overall performance
  • You also report missing less work and requiring fewer doctor visits

When the two components of thriving (vitality and learning) are working in concert, you're more likely to be a better leader. As a high-learning and high-energy employee, you'll have 11% greater effectiveness in leadership versus a peer who only reports high energy.

It's all good news to share at your next team meeting.


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