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As we venture into a new year, now is the time to take a moment to reflect on the events of 2021 while looking forward with hope, happiness, and humanity in 2022. Hopeful is the most common word people have chosen for 2022. Hopeful that we will be granted a respite from the pandemic. Hopeful that we can continue to grow and take lessons learned to become more real, kind, and human. Hopeful that our purpose and passions will align for greater impact and growth.


Another theme for 2022 is Workplace Culture. According to Forbes, workplace culture might just give companies the advance in hiring and retaining talent. At DH, we've been helping orgs globally for over a decade improve their workplace culture. And here are just of few we've helped in the last quarter of 2021.


Sia Partners Hospital Group| Military Forces Health Affairs


DH partnered with Sia Partners KSA to host this event. DH Lead Coach|sulant and Culture Chief Sunny Grosso delivered a keynote on applying the science of happiness to their organization to prevent burnout and turnover. The reset on humanity brought well-being to the forefront. Prioritizing it is essential to avoiding burnout and keeping top talent. Sunny's diverse background, enthusiastic approach, and proven methods allow her to deliver genuine outcomes, tapping into highs and lows to create cultures that adapt and thrive through changing times.


The participants said Sunny "knocked it out of the park" and "exceeded expectations." 


Hinge Brokers| SHIFT Childcare Leaders Conference 


HINGE Early Education Advisors is the nation's leading expert in growing and selling private early education businesses. They asked DH CEO, Co-Founder and best selling author Jenn Lim to deliver a keynote at the Shift Childcare Leaders Conference for early education owners and operators looking to grow their businesses. Attracting and retaining talent has been difficult for many industries; however, it has been especially challenging for childcare professionals. Jenn provided tools such as the science of happiness and purpose, values, behaviors that can help design a workplace culture that is engaging, purposeful, and impactful.   


The keynote was followed with a Q&A, Happy Hour and Jenn signed copies of her book Beyond Happiness: How Authentic Leaders Prioritize Purpose and People for Impact and Growth. 


BOMA 2021 International Conference and Expo


Happiness in the Workplace: Why You Need to Care and How to Achieve it Through Design. Jenn Lim joined DMG to discuss lessons learned by creating healthy interiors and measuring happiness in the building environment based on research conducted over the past year. Insight from the Happiness Ecosystem Index (HEI) provides a roadmap to connect buildings and occupants. Innovations emerge when design, integration of cultural strategies, and leadership visions are celebrated. Attendees walked away with an understanding of how to prioritize well-being and happiness, even during times of crisis, and the tools to establish successful relationships between buildings and the people who occupy them.


Revel Eleven 


Revel Eleven is a community of women across the globe who come together online to listen to outstanding speakers who cover various topics. In an age of constant change, how can we stay resilient and grow as individuals and professionals? The secret is to embed happiness and humanity within all aspects of our lives, which starts with each individual showing up as our most authentic selves. Jenn was invited to share how we can authentically change the world by prioritizing purpose, positivity, and people and adapting to unknowns by applying purpose, values, and behaviors to navigate the future.


2021 Quad Cities Conference


The Quad Cities Conference was organized by Women Lead Change, an organization dedicated to developing, advancing, and promoting women, their organizations, and impacting the economy and future workforce. Jenn was invited to deliver the Opening Remarks & Keynote at the 2021 Conference. Jenn drew from the latest research and practices; Beyond Happiness explains why the modern workplace needs to think beyond to get tangible results. 


Fishbowl Live Audio Event


Fishbowl is where professionals connect and talk in a new era of remote work to have genuine conversations with other verified professionals that are working in roles and industries similar to your own. Jenn was asked to participate in a live audio event on Fishbowl to chat about her book Beyond Happiness, a life-changing guide that will empower all those who read it to find greater purpose in life and career, and in return enable others to do the same.


IVY Fire Side Chat


IVY is a community of 10,000 CEOs and rising leaders so that they can connect and learn with world-renowned luminaries to supercharge their performance, relationships and impact. Jenn participated in a dynamic conversation moderated by IVY CEO and YPO Metro NY Chapter Chair Emeritus Beri Meric. They discussed how we could be empowered to find greater purpose in our own lives and careers and to spread that power to others in our businesses and beyond. 


KSA Authority


Sunny Grosso conducted a WOW Customer Service workshop focusing on how to deliver customer happiness. WOW Customer Experience goes beyond those foundations and focuses on creating a memorable, positive experience. These are things like; surprise and delight, elevate moments, and personal emotional connections [PECs]. Sunny gave them actionable insights and takeaways to apply in day-to-day Customer Service roles. 


INTER[action] 10th Anniversary


DH's CSO & GLOBAL HAPPINESS NAVIGATOR, Carlos Piera Serra, joined American Express Global Business Travel at their 10th Anniversary meeting. He delivered a keynote expressing how culture, happiness, and reliance are the keys to a sustainable, successful business.


Beyond HappyPalooza


2021 was a big year for us at DH. In addition to releasing Jenn's bestselling book Beyond Happiness: How Authentic Leaders Prioritize Purpose and People for Growth and Impact, we also kicked off a first of its kind global virtual summit-Beyond HappyPalooza. This event gathered leaders and thinkers across all spectrums of work/life to explore what happiness means — and what's beyond — with real, honest, and inclusive conversations.


The event was 9 hours and featured luminaries and thought-leaders such as Adam Grant, Keith Ferrazzi, Chip Conley, Jennifer Aaker, Peter Diamandis, Marian Goodell, Shawn Achor, Angela Duckworth, Frank Gruber, Jim Kwik, Scott Harrison, Tim "Herb" Alexander, Katherin von Jan "KVJ," Tony Bond & performance from Magic Giant. 


Living in DH's values and purpose, we strive to inspire and be inspired; we couldn't keep the insights and thought-provoking conversations from our beloved community. We've added content from Beyond HappyPalooza to our on-demand library, and best of all, you can access it for FREE.


We are so honored that DH was a part of so many wonderful organizations' events in the last quarter of 2021 and are looking forward to helping more in the new year. 


Let us help with your next event. Book at keynote or workshop & bring passion, purpose, & practical takeaways on happiness to your workplace.



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