How To Become The Leader You Want To Be

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“The test of leadership:  Turn around and see if anyone is following you.”  John Maxwell


In my previous post, I talked about the 25 qualities of the leader in a happy, profitable workplace. I received a lot of feedback that people agreed with these qualities. But there is a huge difference between knowing the qualities and living them in your life and workplace. So, I start with the question I left you with in my last post:

Who are YOU as a  Leader?  Here is your homework to become the leader you want to be:

1. Look at the list of 25 qualities from my last blog and rate yourself on how you are leading in these areas.  Give yourself a "1" for "not so much" and five for "living it!"  With low numbers, create an action step to move the number up.

Looking at the list I see I am a two on taking care of myself in “Takes care (renewal) of herself and her workers” and a seven in taking care of others.  I commit to updating myself care plan and doing something for my self care each day this week.

2. What is your most valuable skill you possess as a leader and why is it a value to you?

Tenacity is the skill that comes to me.  I NEVER give up.  I stand up for what I believe.  It is important to me because I know that success is usually right around the corner when I feel ready to give up.  I have seen time after time that sticking my beliefs is what builds me as a leader.

3. What quality do you admire in a leader?  Why?

I admire leaders who are graceful under fire because it is so easy to be calm and effective when everything is going according to plan and so much more challenging when a client is upset or the budget has been slashed.  I KNOW I am so much more effective as a leader when I remain calm in the fire storm of life.

4. What opportunities are available to you or can you create to lead?

I have been leading every group, team and organization I have been part of since I was a young girl.  I feel my work now is mentoring others in being leaders.  That is where I am leading now.

We need leaders in all organizations, teams and groups.  Be the leader in the change YOU want to see. I want to support YOU in answering these questions and in living the answers.

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