The Overlooked Impact of Your Company Culture [FREE WORKSHEET]

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the roi of company culture stats and information

When I talk to my friends and peers about Delivering Happiness and what we do, I am met with some very similar “I wish” responses. They go something like this:

  • I wish DH could come to our company
  • I wish my boss would go for that
  • I wish our company cared more about culture 

Their responses usually reveal at least two important insights: 1) their company culture has room for improvement, and 2) their leadership has some trouble getting on board with this “culture” thing.

Tony Hsieh Culture Zappos Quote


Believe us; your company is not alone! All of our clients – from DMG to Airbnb have had to gain buy-in [agreement and alignment] from leadership as the first step in transforming the foundation of their culture. So how do you do it?



Well, we’ve compiled some surprising facts about company culture that you can share with colleagues, your company’s decision-makers, or anyone who is on the fence about the importance of a purposeful, positive organizational culture:


More People Will Stay – Increased Retention!


According to Gallup, disengaged employees are almost twice as likely as engaged employees to seek new jobs. And it’s not just the disengaged ones that you should worry about - 51% of U.S. employees say they are on the lookout for new jobs.


jenn-mhwAs a manager, you can assume that your seemingly unmotivated or bored employees are [most likely] looking for new jobs and at least half of your team is [most likely] looking too. Out of these likelihoods, we can confidently assume that somebody is ready to leave.


On the flip side, when employees are happy and engaged at work, they are 59% less likely to leave. That means you can reduce your turnover by more than half! In a report by SHRM, the average cost per hire in the U.S is $4,129. Losing just ten employees in a year can result in an estimated $41,000 loss!


Before their culture change, Canpa had a turnover rate of almost 30%. After a DH Experience, their employees were able to live out their core values and felt more connected and purposeful in the work they were doing every day. In less than three years, their turnover rate fell to zero [read the full case study].


Less Burned Out, More Adaptable Workforce


Employee burnout is a real phenomenon in the workplace and is costing the U.S up to $190 billion in incremental healthcare costs. Understand this, engaged employees can still get burned out – but creating a culture based on positive psychology and the science of happiness can be your best tool in supporting a productive work-life balance.


Employee burnout drain In a Deloitte Well-being Survey of 1,000 full-time employees, 32% of them said they've consistently placed work commitments over personal ones, and 33% do not feel comfortable taking personal time off/vacation days.


A third of your workforce is choosing work over their personal lives and feels like they can’t use the PTO they are entitled to. It’s easy to imagine how trapped they must feel in their roles – like a hamster in a cage! This type of stress can manifest as changes in your body, mood, and behavior [anyone ever heard of anxiety?]. You only need to be around a stressed-out team for a short while to realize how much it changes the environment of the workplace.  


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More Profits & Cost-Savings


Saving money and increasing your company’s bottom line is always positive – especially if you’re not cutting corners [or people] to do it! Here are some wow-worthy stats on how much it can save and make for your organization:


Do you still need a stronger case for investing in your company culture?

You got it! Use this free worksheet to get the ball rolling:



About the Author

Briana Krueger

Bri is the Impact Storyteller on the Delivering Happiness team. Working previously as a freelancer, her goal has always been to work with passionate people who are focused on helping individuals and businesses find their purpose. As part of DH, she now gets to accomplish that every day. Bri resides in Arizona and is lucky enough to enjoy the sun all year round.


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