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Happiness Now Delivering Happiness Customer Client Stories

What good stuff do we have in store for this month's newsletter? Well, we decided to do something a little different. We wanted to highlight stories about how YOUR lives, companies, and work have been impacted by bringing a little bit of Delivering Happiness into your world. Oh, and we have a webinar on toxic company cultures coming up! More details on that below too: 


More inspiration from Delivering Happiness [the book]...




A story on connecting with the emotions of leaders...


"The CEO of a very successful 1000+ 


employee organization inspired all the members of his management team. He was a very distant, tough, number-oriented, non-emotional kind of leader. In one of the sessions with the 10 top executives we did a simple connectedness exercise and when everyone shared their stories, he talked about his kid and became really emotional.


The rest of the room was in awe and many also got emotional. As per their words: 'we had never seen him like this', 'this is another person'..they felt inspired by him. From that day, the relationship, efficiency, alignment, brotherhood that lives amongst this management team has improved amazingly."


- Sunny Grosso, Culture Chief


On pursuing your passions and purpose...


Jennifer Mansel Delivering Happiness"I had a call with a prospect, he was a bit of a skeptic at first, but as the call went on, we started to get deeper into what drives 'meaning' at work and how that is a key factor to sustain happiness.

The call ended in a high note and we agreed we needed to have a 2nd call to further explore opportunities to work together. Two or three weeks went by and I noticed my contact´s Linkedin profile showed that he had left the company and was starting something completely different, apparently on his own. I was curious and called him. He told me that after our call, he decided to quit his job and pursue his passion!"


- Jennifer Mansel, Client Cultivator


Twitter feedback from Jenn Lim's SHRM keynote:  



On how YOU inspire us...


April Jones Marketing Delivering Happiness

"All of our clients have a common thread they have a heart for people, and they want to do something/be something different! Whether it's a law firm, a medical facility, a restaurant owner, or a construction firm they want to make a positive difference in the lives of others and are looking for a way to make that possible!


Once they connect with us and start working to change their culture, it not only changes their organization, but it changes us too."


- April Jones, Community Captivator



And our next webinar: why do cultures become toxic?


Join DH coach|sultants, Kelsey Lotus Wong and Ron Mandel, as they share insight into WHY cultures become toxic and WHAT to do about it! What will you gain from attending? You will:

  • Learn why cultures become toxic and discover how to recognize the signs.
  • Explore tips and insights with our coach|sultants on what to do in your organization to create positive change.
  • Dive into real-life examples of successful cultures and see how they are making a difference.
  • Gain a few actionable takeaways to start creating a healthier, happier culture for your team.
  • Plus, we've added a live Q&A to get your questions answered on the spot.

Join us on Tuesday, August 20th from 1pm EST/10am PST. Registration is limited so save your seat. Click to register



Is your organization on this list? See who we'll be Delivering Happiness to next: 



Sunny is meeting with LexisNexis' leadership for a half-day workshop in San Francisco! This workshop will help the organization design culture frameworks to support the three levers or elements of happiness: sense of progress, sense of control, and sense of connectedness. Read her blog post on them for more insight on what they are and how they're used!



Bi Group

Our DH coach|sulting team will be in Kazakhstan to roll out the collaborative and extensive culture transformation plan we've working on for the past few months with Bi Group! We can't wait to see what positive business outcomes and personal changes come through from this transformation. With purpose and values working hand-in-hand, we expect their employees will align their culture for a more profitable and purposeful workplace. 


Century 21 Stores

We love the working with C21, and are so excited for our coach|sultant Shereen Eltobgy to guide their executive leadership through executive coaching sessions over the next few months. These sessions will be designed to help the organization's leaders co-create and align on a plan for their culture's success while helping to navigate specific obstacles to their culture/people strategy. 



Have you thought about how Delivering Happiness can guide your organization towards better business outcomes and a happier culture?





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